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Snow Salt And Its Advantages

De-icers, although small, are very mighty, and are usually found in a liquid format in a tube. These are kept either in garages or cars, oftentimes both, in order for people to use them whenever they need to.

De-icers are not used just for melting the ice from the locks, windscreens and other parts of the car, they can also be used to grease up stiff joints on bikes and other such things. Zhou Runfa This makes de-icers popular all year round, and not just when the winter weather takes a turn for the worse.

When it comes to snow salt, the prospect of it is not as straight forward as it would seem. Many people assume that the snow salt is simply spread on the snow covered roads in order to melt away the snow.

This is not truly what happens. Salt is a wonder for lowering the freezing temperature of water, having six times the effect of sugar. However, it takes a lot of salt to melt the smallest amount of ice.World recordThis is why, when snow storms are forewarned, snow salt will be placed on roads and pathways before the precipitation has even begun to fall.

The simplest way to keep snow from the roads, is to make it impossible for it to settle and gain ground. This is where snow salt comes in. snow salt destroys the links and bonding properties needed for snow to settle and stay upon the ground.

If the snow is unable to keep contact with the ground, fartingit becomes a lot easier for it to melt and move. The ground, being so cold in such low temperatures, would be the perfect resting place for the freezing snow and it would allow it to remain frozen for a time longer than if the ground were to warm up.
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LED commissioned soon

One, overview of events

Yang Shunchang o (002245 ) released in 2012 three quarterly reports, 1-9 months attributable to shareholders of the listing Corporation 's net profit 840862000000 yuan, grow 7.67% compared to the same period. Which month of 7-9 of net profit of 296534000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.46%, the company three quarter there was a substantial rebound.

Two, analysis and judgment

Moderately tight inventory strategy, successfully resisting material prices

LME aluminum prices have four consecutive quarter year-on-year drop. In the face of the substrate prices continue to fall, company operation to take inventory of moderately tight policy, inventory reduction of about 120000000 yuan, guarantee operating cash grows considerably. From the aluminum price fluctuations of view, by the United States monetary policy effects of short-term, long-term depends on the global economic fundamentals. Analysts, quantitative easing continuous fermentation and global economy gradually improved will benefit the price rebound, the company's inventory management to ensure the performance of the elastic.

The company ordered 5 MOCVD, is expected in 2012 December to the 1 quarter of 2013 delivery, theory of total allowance in the amount of 50000000 yuan, accounting for the company in 2011 net profit of more than 50%. As of now, LED civil engineering of the project has ended, the company equipment ordering is also gradually delivery and installation. Analysts believe that, dab3d12ck industry boom picks up, the company is expected to LED commissioned soon. According to the company's management ability and marketing strength, 2013 LED generate profit potential is very high reenex facial.

Three, profit forecasts and investment advice

The current stock price less than 6 yuan, only reasonable valuation of 70%, there are 30% repair space. Shanghai branch in 2012 formally put into production, the third quarter bottomed. The current material prices down deep, is expected in 2013 of steel and aluminum prices will enter the bounce interval. Taking into account the company LED has not been put into production, temporarily maintaining " prudent recommended " rating. The company expects 12, 13 year net profit of 1.30, 181000000, 30.33%, 38.79% year-on-year growth; fully diluted EPS for 0.36, 0.50, 15.56, 11.21 times the corresponding PE.
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