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Not sleep a wink all night

Do not know how the. Although the long sleep are not always very good, but this sleepless night, toss and turn restlessly but first experience. When I look at the white wall gradually with the shadow, the heart can not help but smile, so personally. "Sunrise" feeling is so beautiful. I stretch my hands, on the wall or circle, watching his hand shadow flash flash, mother daythe window is not very bright light, the kind of slightly weak beats, silent. Remember the host Cui Yongyuan talking about the depression period when the state, he said, every day to see the dawn is a very painful thing. Now I can finally experience insomnia this feeling. Think of the woman writer Yan Geling, once for 30 consecutive days painful. I had to close the eyes, stop outside slip in sunshine, continue the endless silence without substance" shallow sleep".
Mind is a mess, I opened my eyes, everything was gone. As if those ideas are a dream only come out at night, when I want to catch it, it has disappeared. It is passing streams, when I reach out my hands to hold her, only to let it slip through your fingers.
Time time, why do you walk so slow, so slow I hear my breathing, my heart, let me count the table pointer on a step by step forward. But, why do you go so fast, a blink of an eye, it is night, a look back, now a days.
Who can in this silent night listening to the voice of the city? Outside the sky, I do not think the starry sky above, just a piece of red sky. I listen to those going on the road car sound, think of all the people in the busy, even if it is a lonely night. A strange city, the cool water at night, my good fortune.
Then, I think of the past used. With this strange city become attached to already had four years many, but never see her night. When the night sky is very narrow, the line of sight is just across from the building, pink curtains. People there have been in, where the story has already walked through, each doing his bulk. I put the four year night lost, can not return.
Remember that once here rental days. The window is busy from morning till night, elevated bridge, vehicle continuously. When the room is always outside the street was slow, a brilliant. When the night has not had a "peace " concept, but also enjoy the sweet. Because I know that, in this strange city in this small corner, my dream hasn't finished forming.
Now, every day and every night, I still hear everything, noise, or quiet, but never again see the heart of that peace and indifference. I always inexplicably to think a lot, some not. He grew more and more chaotic, is not a reason why, and insomnia.
I fear in the night a person's loneliness and silence. Heaven knows, usually in the quiet he had so afraid of the silence. All are not absolute, generally the opposite. When I in addition to quiet no choice when, only to find that the" static" is not a beautiful existence. Maybe I can try to understand why the Americans making sound effects high up to 99.9%, no one can reside for long. That kind of listening to my own heart, listen to your mind works and the beating heart feeling, is really scary. But the loneliness, only in my hand to the sky nothing out of touch, what exploration left, so I think people is so helpless.
The next morning, my night is over. Staggered not awake, I can only hold a Jushui pat face to wake up a little, because I know,PC remote a new day has come in my count, I still have a lot of not doing things waiting for me to do. I always want to plan the full list, to those who you want to do but have been unable to do a go finish. And then I thought, is it right? I should go for a walk, is it right? The reading?
" Reconcile oneself to one's situation", this is the night linger in the mind of the word. I don't know where I want to tell yourself what, perhaps is to abandon those who do not, polished to what I have. This attitude towards life, is my subconscious to look for?
by newday09 | 2012-04-27 18:33

Cheng Meili Road

Love is a lonely Cheng Meili Road, come to an end now you can't stay!
Behind the city, transfer time, my promise, set up companyimprison one heart. Instead of allowing us to deceive oneself and others to forget, but still look forward to already broke up again, let us pledge at the beginning of the love, a dream, then shou-long.

Maybe only you can feel my love for you, how much heart, how much love, I do not know, why do you always do not understand, in fact we know who did not escape God of love arrangement. Instead we care too much, with a lot of heart, but also to blame!

In fact, many of my friends have told us, lost the love do not be too sad, but who can really let go, have to pay so much love, so many concern, asked me how to open, in fact all know, love is not a beautiful game, too love too really must be to be hurt, not to recall those once the dialogue, although those once beautiful, for you, for me has become a kind of injury, but who can really let go of the pain in the heart, have already become a can not erase the scars, even better, it will hurt, accidentally ripped the scar, our hearts are aching!

More is to love a person, the more so the past desires the love for a long time, the easier it is to lose, only last till we know much, a lot of the time, we hope to be able to have enduring as the universe, but who can remember once owned, the feelings of the world is not really to have, if you don't know me, even if you give more, you never know, the more love you, enjoy your, you're easy to let go of love,

sometimes naive, will be caused to the other party of infinite pressure, as well as naturally good, the best love, not owned, but let it go, let each other for his own life, looking at each other happy, even if not together, is happy with each other for a few years, people will all rush to the horizon! Many times, we are all stupid would like a long time, but still can't think of a reason to leave,furniture prices suspected but when to go, we all like silent instead break up, not know the reality is too cruel, or are we too seriously, if love can forget the moment, so I used to do so to love you, cold air through my body, freezing my heart, couldn't find this once naive sweetness, sweet dream.
by newday09 | 2012-04-20 12:13

Don't love me, just get out

b0160493_1327241.jpgDon't love me, just get out.
Love you, not represent low you wait.
You just because I love you, what good are you proud.
What you have.
Don't love me, just get out.
Don't talk to me. PC RemotesBe neither friendly nor aloof. What do you think I am.
Sad when running to complain. Happy when you lose.
Your uncle, I think that is what. Toy.
Your uncle, who do you think you are, you are when you are my god.
For me, God had a game over time.
Don't love me, just get out.
Don't give me a chance, but the cruel will wish to destroy.
So did you have fun. Or do you want to give up such a the one who likes you.
Don't love me, just get out.
My world is not because of missing you, stops.
The world does not say, who left who can't live.
I am not so hypocritical, not to say love you, low to the dust.
I am not Eileen Chang, you are not him. We don't need these.
Don't love me, just get out.
I am not in the mood to hear you speak you those romance.
For others you half alive, that is another thing. None of my business.
You may rest assured, I am strong.
If you want to leave, although leave. Don't really when you are indispensable to me.
Without you, I still have a good life.
Don't love me, just get out.
My life need to calm. I love you, if you cannot afford, do not continue.
Would you please take away your kindness. Each of us.
But suffering the pain of breaking up to more than, is to let you go.
In this sense, I understand.
Since you don't love me. Don't do nothing to say in my ear.
Since you don't love me, don't I feel sad, sent a warm embrace.
Since you don't love me, then don't in my sick time, so positive.
Since you don't love me, you don't love in KTV and I sing.
Since you don't love me, not in my life.
Since you don't love me, don't again let me show you love me, care about me.
Since you don't love me, then don't drunk after pulling me, let me not to leave you.
Since you don't love me, don't hold me, bury me in the chest.
Since you don't love me, do not always appear in my life.
I love you, always be my own thing.
If you can not accept, then please stand aside, not to publish any comments.
I don't cry no call, no quarrel. To do with you what.
Don't love me. You get out.
I still love you. Then, I roll.
Such an outcome, you can be satisfied with.
by newday09 | 2012-04-12 13:27