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been pumped to the end

The smoke has been pumped to the end

A cigarette, seems to make everything is still ...

For many years, l-carnitine when I returned to the place that we'd meet again.

Tears, blurred everything in sight.

I try my hardest just to forget everything we used to be. In the forgotten, and remember everything we used to be.

That winter, I returned to the school we had together. Maybe, I should not believe that the so-called fate. maycc12No matter go on campus, or street. Always able to meet you, always can see you naive smiling face.

Until one day, we try together. Day after day, slowly over time. You always give me with your past. Often ask me: do you feel you have a lot of words, listen to you carefully. Fool, I of course very careful to listen to you say. You may not know, every time I see you, my heart is always very happy, very like this kind of life.

Time, really good fast. The winter is gone, your every act and every move was beginning to make me understand. You say I missed you. You are happy, sad. I will go.

However, the things you think you do it yourself? You and why he is always not clear? I know, you love me is just used to greetings. On my left. You don't have to want freedom, maybe you are just for me ...

All this time, really want to see you again. Just want you to know what life is, no my existence whether or not happy, maycc12will be sad when you loyal listeners. But this is only my unilateral idea.

The smoke has been pumped to the end. The world again, eventually lost in the past time, to find the memory, is also a kind of luxury ... ...
by newday09 | 2012-03-30 12:22

accompany me

Forever, who accompany me to see a steady ...
Remember the first time to step into this strange city, then only know there is north of the city, the scenery along the way many, but nothing to my heart will go down to posterity. A road to long horns, and staring at the night lighthouse dim, a southern hometown nostalgia was born here quietly.
The northern winter abnormal cold, cold to let the cold wind disturbed, often in the face ravaged, like a cold knife in his gaunt face lightly across. Often, through the windshield looked out of the window and, sometimes, even birds seem to see, then that they fly very far, far to the south, I think, if they don't come back?
At this time, peace of mind was disrupted by a sense of suffocation, no echo. I am also from that far away to, Cable manufacturer a person, quietly, listening to soothing music the way home, I think maybe it can make us less strongly to reminisce about the past.
Who have tasted the taste of missing? Who knows the sorrowful yearning? There are many things worthy of their love, I always want to take them all engraved in mind. The southern people, things, and those who thought, still be visible before the eyes.
An accidental opportunity, pass by a tea shop, see the entrance signs saying" Acacia tea", I went in to buy a cup, can see light suddenly, is actually the red bean milk tea. At the moment, a heart-rending arise spontaneously.
Northern SJ, Southland red beans ...
These are memories of real things, but because of time reasons, some slowly fuzzy, yellowing. Gradually, feel like a has-been artist, once brilliant and bright that is just a few degrees of age.
At that time, I was a teenager, the pursuit of blue tone, intentions to do a sentimental poet, to write a sad fairy tale. Try to use the words to fill my heart empty, finally lost to myself, because the wrong, and also keep.
Holding a year photo, heart also planted a seed of memory, miss at the same time will inevitably be some distressed, because this went for many years, never ever meet again.
Although, I never regret coming here;
Although, my side never lack of friends;
Although, my sad never suppressed at the bottom of my heart;
Although, I'm just guests here.
by newday09 | 2012-03-12 16:59

Perhaps the life like this

Still unable to understand that we are to follow the days or as fate every day through!

The past and the brothers used to be cynical, ignoring all the indulgence, because the time to relax and uninhibited free, youth as to do away the summer wind. Silence is behind the words, maypoik aprereciciar apreopiear emptiness is decadent, loneliness is a sad.

The brilliant and easy life is not too long, cruel is a must, but also had to undergo training. Experience, we know that the adults do not grow wise, nor is the so-called broaden horizons, we know is we have numerous reluctant to accept, accept our time to go to face the reality of the world, have to accept we have no power to bear the psychological burden, have to accept Hu Zichang rough face from too much sorrow.

We learn a language, but gradually won't talk, we learned " thousands and thousands of words to say". Too much time as flowing water analogy, in my opinion, time is like the wind, he couldn 't touch, too deliberately want to know what is time, it is too calm, it also turned to fate, it is not what we want to hear.

We still do not have a life, it seems we have experienced the life the emotion. This to life long inadvertently some desire ideas, imperceptibly to will by his hand, simply gently grasp. Only to find that life is just a few years time, extra time is also the time when self arrangement.

Maybe sometimes should be glad, feel more, only envy glitz days have passed, the swing and experience. Find a waste of youth in exchange for the often mood, are in fact very good. Just don't get the chance to experience, the youth have fantasies and impulses die.

Not at home now so far from home, at that time idea, now with the unfamiliar environment gradually strange! There have been laughter is only occasionally aftertaste. Of course, even though the depths of emotion. Some will still runs through every moment of every day,Cao An Qi Emotional life only a little strange, all feelings have changed.
Immerge glitz is called a waste of time, but maybe this is something many people's lives, but not to continue. Cannot change has happened, learn to silently accept, how the familiar words. Can now continue to remain empty? Cold eyes cannot at the right time to become Wen Chun? How sad.

If everything is not satisfactory, at least we know how to accept, if everything can change, at least we learn flat face! Because life maybe it!
by newday09 | 2012-03-09 11:47