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shaping comparison

Be careful not to be shaping comparison before and after photos to mislead
Display a cosmetic treatment ( or operation ) effect is the best way to treat the contrast before and after photos. However, pearl jewelrydespite this contrast has a lot of good, they may in some cases to misleading.

The human nose rhinoplasty, from a different point of view is different, want in a photo showing a perspective effect is particularly simple, but photos and reality or a gap. So, how to judge the immediate contrast is more accurately reflected the actual situation?

If you want to truly comprehensive display of nose plastic operation effect, plastic bag manufacturerthe postoperative contrast photos:

1 shows the different angle of nose
Generally speaking, patients will find from the side effect is comparatively good (side most likely to exhibit nose noticeable change ), but once the change perspective, may seem not so good. As a positive is the key, because the people chat sessions and photograph appeared most frequently or positive.

2 by the same trick shot
The same angle as the comparison before and after photos should also be uniform size, and in the same light, location and context. Patients with the best makeup, even makeup, but also to ensure that the two makeup are consistent. In addition, the camera will ensure the same.

Other note:
Soft lighting, make-up and special portrait lens will take photos than without it getting photos look much better. The patient is best not to laugh. Once patients in preoperative photo smiled, postoperative contrast photo should also make the same smile, and vice versa. In the doctor's office, it is difficult to achieve all of the above criteria. However, in order to meet the demand for the camera, should set aside a certain space, and all of the photos are taken here. Photo by a doctor or training people. Busy doctors should have a full-time or part-time photographer, especially those with national or international standards of doctors.

Patients looking for a plastic surgeon, office furnitureshould pay attention to the above mentioned aspects. If the physician supply correlated with the preoperative and postoperative photos contrast, remember to several other case photo. Be sure to see the same patient different photos, and ensure that those photos with the above conditions. Only a postoperative photographs is not enough.
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loved me

When you told me you loved me, would you in your eyes
The world of feelings or meet too early, or regret we didn't meet sooner. In time to meet the right person, it is a very rare thing.Ken Kam Limited

Little blue flower, I when I first met you and not in the computer game city, but I didn't acknowledge it. Half a year ago, in the vicinity of the school only Internet cafe, I and several classmates about overnight internet. It was the middle of the night, I was lying on the table had been trapped into a sleep state. You sat across from me, I have never seen a girl playing CF play so be struck with fright, you excited crying and shouting, the excitement was banging the keyboard. I vaguely looked up and said, miss, can you let me sleep ... ... If not finished, I saw a garbage plate light coming towards me, ash, chewing gum, all kinds of waste from me in the face. Your anger towards other areas went to switch off the computer. I was awake, I rushed around you yelled, miss, you misunderstood, I really just get some sleep ... ... You stop in the bag over something, you turned to an apple at me, I'm sensitive away, but was hit friends. You spit, seek safety in flight. A friend picked up the apple wiping took a bite out of anger not yet appeased said, back to school to pick up her. I said, do you know? A friend said, a blue flower.

I do not recognize because I hate myself, chitin lose weightbecause I haven't and Yan Qinghe together.

This semester the third times lunar exam I was not admitted to the top three, but never mind, little blue flower, I have to let you know me.

At noon that day, when I found you, you have to lie on the grass and fell asleep. Book cover on your face, you like a baby is quiet. Autumn sunshine into the body, a thin flexible flick, leaving only a warm feeling from the skin spread to the heart, I even have a bow to kiss you.

Mobile phone at this time inappropriate rings. I pick up the phone, you wake up and see me some surprising and shy. Telephone there still is the charming voice, darling, his mobile phone is bad, want to change to a new. I hold the mobile phone will be watching you, open your eyes, everything is a question mark. I think last saw the exquisite couple mobile phone, must be suitable for both of us. Telephone there still noisy, Song Chenyu, you say, are you going to give me to buy? I cackle twice and said, I have no money. Said to hang.

You terrified me. After a while you head down by the yellow grass, Song Chenyu, you should take on Yan Qinghe. Cable manufacturerYou pay no heed to bite her lips looked up at me and said," even the name is so right. Like automatic speaking, like a conclusion. You walk away quietly, you use your fingers over the lawn was a clear-cut" heart" image.
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