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several year agos

The boy girl of ten several year agos
The junior high school graduates that year, they each other is each to rush their their own future prospects.She walks into a normal school and becomes a teacher after three years;He walked into sea transportation to drive a school and became a seaman after four years.These several years, they always contacts letter, each other had good will.Stanza in holidays, his head quarter sees her at her house, (at that time, there is no telephone, cellular phone, said nothing of QQ to contact.Sometimes by a happy chance she not at, perhaps came right away to return to white to run ten several in.)Kept on for long 5 years like dresses

22 years old spring that year, rain rain, he rushed through to come.She in astonishment says:"How did you come!"He is happy, thin settle ground to say:"The bride chamber son of my house covers like, take you go to lo lo!Conveniently see my daddy my mama!""I don't go, I go to dry what?"She soft-voicedly said 1.He is immediately after:"How can you not go?The house is your cover?"The girl has a little interrogative:"I don't understand."The boy is getting more nasty:"You not is say where is the all rather old house good?"The girl understood, that was an in the mind words that her heeled friends unintentionally slips away, and he recorded.

(Kept off home town to attend school for 3 years, the girl experience a departure of pain and sufferings, solitary of lonesome, think of close relatives' friend of the unspeakable taste.After graduating, say what would not like to leave an old house, she hopes to return to old family training's book and says that the old house also needses her again.She also sees not strange in the meantime that kind of want to stay city to don't hesitate the whole classmates, countries, the top of hill has what not good, she likes the keep off hullabaloo in the city of quite, peaceful, even like kid in Shan-li of that is purely true simple and the diligence, enthusiasm and docile of the person of hometowns.Finally, she is getting more fulfill a wish and assign the mountain ridge of old opposite in the house, so, 19 years old she became a country that year female teacher.Childish of she thinks that whole life will be foolish on the small mountain ridge.)Cable manufacturer

The girl finally understood, many this half year, he adjusted to rest all can take a rest of time, have been attending to needs at old cover building in the house.Is a dream within center of a circle for the sake of the ability, for the sake of the ability and the beloved girl live together, he attended to not and up write a letter, probably he wants that giving girl an is surprised pleased.

But destiny's seeming is playing a joke on boy.May be getting longer too much for being in love winning of girl waiting for of half year time.He thinks that the boy disappeared, not she, no longer contacted her, she is sad to shed tears, over there silent mountain ridge up, toward children to smile in the daytime, the night towards piano son to cry.

Another big boy intruded into the girl's in the mind at this time, he was handsome, natural and unrestrained, statures not equal to boy Gao, but know a care girl more, seeming can even see through the girl's idea, the lonesome medium girl lost a direction and threw to the big boy's bosom embrace.

The girl at this time knows and returned not to go, be return not to go.She knows that she isn't likely to betray a big boy, because he is a person who has a face, don't think because the girl influences his business, the besides big boy also loves her very much, she doesn't want to hurt him as well.Plate Heat Exchanger

Girl positively denied two of hims' everything for making the boy no longer miss he or she, say many make the boy sad that the words of despair let the boy thoroughly forget her.The girl understands and only have thus the boy just have more fine future.

Rain in Shan-li continues to rain, an expanse of white fog covers with, and the pedestrian of road is few.The boy walked and hoped he far goes of figure, girl with sign, until the view is misty her eyes.

That face of his when she was unforgettable to leave, that figure, and jilt next that sentence:"Whole life we can't meet again."
by newday09 | 2011-11-30 12:50

own responsibility

The person wants to to the utmost arrive his/her own responsibility

The person's existence method is society.The social essence is cooperation.If the social essence is to fight, mankind early at don't stop of fight in destroy completely.Whether the cooperation of social medium people is voluntary or not, is still that some people force a little bit another persons of(such as slave society), all of the cooperation is have tooffice furniture.Have in the mankind's history a lot of fight, a lot of wars, but these fight and the wars can not cover up mankind social cooperation of essence.

The essence of cooperation is the responsibility that people's everyone in the cooperation exerts everyone.The absolute power of emperor Wang You in ancient times, but if they ignored to manage public business, society would head for breakup, they will be replaced by the other people.For example, in water conservancy facilities and the agriculture vitally related place, if the ancient emperor king ignores good water conservancy facilities, the agriculture fails, the society will be turbulent, and the emperor king will be not to become.

Nowadays of in the society, "qualifications" is 1 to use a lot of phrases, do what all want qualifications.The qualifications not only includes ability, but also include a responsibility.Not the ability exerts the person of responsibility on the post, even if have ability, will also finally lose to is engaged in the qualifications that a certain post works.

Can not exert the person of responsibility of the father or the mother, everyone will say, he didn't be a father or do the mother's qualifications.

Everybody is all living in the society and all take many roles, like father, son, superior, descend class, but each role contains homologous responsibility.The person's various role is objective, the person's various responsibility is also objective.The person's responsibility can't be nonexistent because the law didn't stipulate.In the memory of faintness, when the captain appears in the shipwreck finally leave a ship.In the clear memory, in two wartimes, the navy in Italy's the percentage of the government troops sinking with the warship presents to pour triangle-sinks with the warship of the commander officer is a hundred per cent.(come from Italian navy at two war of book)Should not there is controversy, teacher at dangerous emergence have no reason and run first, everything for of all of reasons defending lose ground.The pity is also disorderly to sympathize with.flower shopAt school, the teacher has a management student all the powers of the activities and responsibility, the student has the rules to obey a management, in the dangerous emergence, the teacher lays aside his/her own the student whom responsibility place and wait for conductor and ignores, in advance flees for life and has no reason.In the student, definitely there is girl.What is a man?What is a he-man?When the difficulty or the danger comes, can volunteer to help, stand to the person of women's child's front, is a male person, is a he-man.The high big image of he-man will never be what hanger son starts to support.

"Living to be behavior hero, die to as well make ghost male."(Li Qing shines on)a race if even the mans all had no the bearing of he-man, the prospect of this race may sorrow.

The deserter is total certain.The problem lies in the attitude to the deserter.If a troops means tolerance(I am namely so-called to tolerate) towards fleeing before the battle starts, this troops only afraid hard win war.

What is the personality ?The personality is the qualifications that is a person.The qualifications that is a person is whence?The qualifications that is a person first from exert a person's responsibility since then.The person only just becomes its behavior in the society, the social essence is cooperation, and the essence of cooperation is the responsibility that the everyone exerts everyone.The person is a concrete person.The man isn't a woman.The man will exert the man's responsibility.

The person's ability contains size.Send the God the airship isn't the street cleaner's responsibility.The person isn't all-powerful.Make utmost effort, it is to the utmost to arrive a responsibility also.Exerting to own responsibility is each person at social in of stance, being also each person can proud of basis.

Exert to own responsibility.
by newday09 | 2011-11-22 15:46

accept defeat

I chose to accept defeat for the kid

"Kid, I understand you of desire, mood comprehend you, however the reality can not make us relax.Adjust a mindset,Production House lift high-efficiency!Oneself extrusion time have fun!"Bean bean mother thus say with kid.

The bean bean mother says:"I not am a mother whom the face the realities dare to take a kid to will do a wager in the future, also not is one is personal independence of conduct to have the mother of his/her own explicit but clinging education method and be small rise early big current to inherit, bridgestonebe enter higher school sort in pressure Tashan to press come, I chose to accept and chose to accept defeat for the kid."

See a kid will face after two months small rise a taking out of beginning to measure, after 34 months will rise go into grade six, will be small to rise after a year and zero 2 months beginning ……bean bean mama was nasty to die, only a method:Reported a heap of after-school learning class for kid, let the kid make great effort to encourage.

"In fact I don't want to make decision like this as well.After registered to take part in a guidance class, the kid's pathetic life started, every day in addition to going to school as usual, it is outside class of to also want up the lesson of a heap of, weekend don't even say, MotoGPBe rushed about to each one training school."Bean bean mama says.

In fact kid have much tired, be an all seeing of the parent in the eye, they also love very much.But bean bean the mother is also very helpless:Some families can choose to send a kid to go abroad, the kid of family, who have, doesn't worry a future work, but her house only have this way, don't force how the kid do?"I also hope that the kid can develop completely and there is the state of mind to lead simple life clear ambition, aggressive optimism, persistence unremittingly of attitude,wireless keyboards but have to make him enter a good school first at present."
by newday09 | 2011-11-18 12:57

through a freedom

Germany withdraws bill to maul heavily an euro through a freedom
Because the German ruling party approves a bill that voluntarily withdraws euro area, and Italy sells by tender to expect the national debt increased that country to borrow cost for five years, in the meantime Spain and German national debt rate of return bad touch the euro area records a high and implicate an euro rebound to the keeping on of European 強生洗頭水obligation problem misgiving Ga however, on Monday(November 14) from 1.3800 once fell to break 1.3600, USD then once again is avoided insurance the funds close Lai, USD index number rally go to 77.50 above.

German chancellor Mo gram the CDU(CDU) of the Er leadership passed measure and allowed all countries to voluntarily withdraw euro area under the premise that don't give up the country position of the member of the EU.This ballot outcome urges a Mo gram the Er push that measure to pass within the scope of EU.Be subjected to this influence, time trader of New York euro|USD is brief to push low to 1.3600 following.

On Monday tail dish, USD index number rises to 77.469, tallest touch in the dish 77.62, the dish of the tail reported last Friday 76.945;Euro|USD report 1.3634, tallest in the dish 1.3801, lowest then fall to 1.3590, the dish of the tail reported last Friday 1.3747.USD|the yen small fall to 77.09, the dish of the tail reported last Friday 77.14.But USD|Rui Lang and pound walk Gao.USD|the Rui Lang report 0.9084, the dish of the tail reported last Friday 0.9003.Pound|USD report 1.5906, the dish of the tail reported last Friday 1.6078.

On Monday European time, expected national debt sale to acquire an opposite and sturdy need for Italy 5 years.Italy published to expect national debt for 5 years, average medium mark rate of return is 6.29%,電器直銷中心is higher than last time sale of 5.32%, publish for the euro tallest.After the on sale be over, expect Italian national debt rate of return steady for 5 years rise.

The circumstance of other nation bond rate of returns in Europe also describes the miserably thin condition of an euro area problem.Gao Dian since the birth that expects bad rate of return of Spanish national debt and same period German national debt attain 431 radicles to order, create an euro for 10 years.Expect the government bonds rate of return rise to wear 6% on Monday for Spain 10 years, start purchasing the country's government bonds August for the European Central Bank the head sees, is probably the evidence that the obligation crisis spreads further.

France and the reputation of Belgian bond break contract an extend bill fee rate(CDS) to also touch from euro birth of record Gao Dian.Investor to if the European government can not compensate obligation will may the banking loss scale causing mean to worry.

The Mu Di investor service company means on Monday that financial stability fund(brief name EFSF) in Europe the bond published last week of the need is overcast and expresses to try assurance at the European officials how EFSF at the moment that lever turn, the investor plans to still feel indetermination to the salvage.The Mu Di said that see with the present condition of that fund, it props up the ability of European bond market limited.
The news personage said that useding for the European stability mechanism that replaces EFSF can't release and carry out in advance.

German chancellor's Merkel's warning said that Europe faces "two post-war most difficulties time" face to face, Learn Chinese and urge the political party belonged to abandon to the worry in uncertainty of euro, the approval will strengthen political integration as the project that solves debt crisis in Europe.

But she not how solve a crisis the new idea is to.This crisis has already made Greece, Ireland and Portugal Be forced to ask for help, and cause to continue to exist the worry in uncertainty that the bottom goes to towards establishing an euro area for 13 years canning.
by newday09 | 2011-11-15 13:22

good for health most

How does soy sauce eat to be good for health most
Normal soy sauce has fresh gorgeous red brown, the physique clarifies, didn't suspend a thing and precipitate.Moreover, while waving meeting rise a lot of foams, and don't easily spread to go, but soy sauce still clarify, didn't precipitate, didn't float a film, more sticky dense.High-quality soy sauce should have heavy sauce joss-stick and ester flavor, the flavor fresh beautiful, thick Chun and salty thin proper, just like flavor.The consumer should notice in the middle of cooking everyday:

Had better in the food the pot Be ex- to join soy sauce, after slightly stir-frying to cook namely pot, because there is abundant amino acids in soy sauce, can avoid heat in the pot breakage amino acids like this, make the nourishment value been subjected to breakage, and the sugar in soy sauce also can't burnt turn to go sour.
In order to effectively keep soy sauce mildew from growing a white film, can adopt to the drop in soy sauce a few cooking oils,benefit optoelectronics put several petals to go to a few white spirits of skin garlic or drops etc. method.

Cooking soy sauce don't be used to a Zuo meal cold use.

The new product of soy sauce grows-iron enhance soy sauce is add another national nourishment improvement item in iodine and there should be explicit iron on the packing enhancing soy sauce sign and content after the table salt.

The food that the American only eats because of"it is beneficial to me" seems to only have a leaven milk.BE aggrandized for the conservator of heart, the warrior of cancer and to the safe choice of menopause hormone, soy sauce always is seen by the factitiousness as the miraculous food.

However, because of some estrogen chemistry within soy sauce the thing and breast cancer contact together of research,amount of investment soy sauce encountered recently some condemn.

Result BE, many females avoid soy sauce food, while some males think that the bean will reduce their he-man bearings.

In fact need not nervous.Some fats and heart attack and cancer contact to arrive together of the research compare those soy sauce and healthy problem to contact to arrive together of research much get many.

Therefore, if you are considering using the words that meat or milk replaces soy sauce and make in to°from the soybean soy sauce is still to be placed in an advantage position.This is the Yi mulberry.Shell Er the standpoint of the gram(the tower man Ci new England related director in the medical center).

But if the problem lies in is should eat a great deal of soy sauce still to eat enough?The answer still cuts and polishes not and deeply of,investment to implicatethe underneath is some most new-found suggestions:


The most emollient characteristics of soy sauce lieses in its canning reduces harmful LDL cholesterol.Shell Er the standpoint of the gram thinks that eating a great deal of soy sauce or is edible to enough measure all to have certain of and beneficial influence.

Can be opposite while reducing 1% quantity of LDLs the risk that reduce to 1%ly have heart trouble or twitch is in response to the ground.

Study and also discover moreover, a person's body hinterland LDL the level is more high, soy sauce to he more effective.

However, the influence of soy sauce upon the cholesterol is insufficient to cause the value of the American heart association.They think recently their influence is too small with the result that have no a necessity to recommend too much.

The symptom of menopause

Because soy sauce has and the influence of the estrogen likeness,creation beautiful it is recommended for the choice that alleviates menopause symptom and replaces hormone.But shell Er the research of the gram almost didn't declare to these standpoints.

Some researches discovered very great influence, some discovered pimping influence, some don't discover any influence.

Breast cancer

Some breast cancer is caused by the female sex hormone of, therefore some people worry that soy sauce will be harmful to those females who naturally and easily fall ill physical endowment.

The research of cell cultural center is willing increase the growth of the cell of quick breast cancer towards discovering in the experimenting of rat, soy sauce.

On the other hand, a trait of eats the female of Asia of soy sauce food and compare with west female, suffer from several rates of breast cancer to want a small triple.

If they immigrate to west nation, and change the food method of using the west, that their suffer from the possibility of breast cancer to also consumedly increase.


Soy sauce is a kind of very good low fat egg white, particularly for those persons whom effort wants to subtract saturation fat.However make sure at the scientists that a great deal of soy sauce is to had better eat to the beneficial or harmful human body before just the right amount of.

But the contrast rises Gao fat of animal egg white, soy sauce is still regarded as a kind of healthy food.
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