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LED downstream bottleneck

According to the report, the L E D has encountered a bottleneck in the development of the downstream industry. The first is the technology and equipment bottlenecks, due to the development of domestic enterprises focus mainly on the downstream packaging process, and the most critical heat balance and fluorescent powder lasting and efficient technical patent has been monopolized by foreign companies, domestic L E D lighting products still with the international product has bigger difference. great king mannerThe second is the lack of brand consciousness, without independent brands, to the independent patent has been the most effective protection. In addition, give aid to policy, the existence of local protectionism. Some local government introduced the relevant local lighting business policy, to the local municipal landscape lighting and traffic lighting give priority to local businesses. In addition, the lack of standards and norms, the local standard, in the promotion of the market has been greatly hindered, also affected the overall development of L E D.If I really disappeared

As investors in the LED industry reduced confidence, more and more enterprises begin to search for their own products marketing channels, pay attention to market the brand products, to strengthen their own enterprise product publicity and the quality of the product,Plastics furnitureL E D lighting market order begins to slowly on the right track, the next few years will be a benign development phase.

" L E D lighting to promote faster development,Hot water machinethe state has promulgated relevant policies to support the promotion of new energy industry. Guangdong Province support particularly worthy of affirmation." Optoelectronic materials and Technology Research Institute of South China Normal University Professor Guo Zhiyou told reporters in Nandu. Disclose according to its, in August last year in the office of the provincial science and technology support of the implementation of the L E D lighting product benchmarking index and dynamic L E D lighting product quality assessment system, has promoted L E D lighting product testing standards to formal, but also to provide the market with products performance measuring ruler. Guo of thought, MH heat exchangerL E D is expected in the next five years to achieve energy saving lamp universal level.
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change spirit machine

Whole hot recall airs purify new breeze to change spirit machine, whole heat exchangerses to apply scope:Be applicable to the indoor space of luxurious villa, upscale office building, laboratory etc. quality request Gao.The company exchanges machine with the new breeze\whole heat exchangersLED to illuminate terminal

1, the new breeze exchange, send into outdoor fresh air and eject indoor dirty air.

2, adsorb-keep live Tan inside the machine, ability the effective clearance sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, and carbon dioxide...etc. harmful air

3, disinfect-the negative ion disinfect, the density attains 104!106|sign a square, can kill in addition to the virus in the air, germ, and Mao insect...etc. harmful living creature.

4, environmental protection economy energy-adoption efficiently hot exchange device, the air exchanges process in, the indoor of thermal energy and cold can can't line up an outdoors, the hot commutation rate attains 72%.Singapore to sweep building

5, keep degree of humidity-when the air exchanges, the fiber in the heat exchanger reserves indoor water and takes into the indoor through a fresh air and make the indoor kept feat of degree of humidity

Product function:
1, efficiently approach 95% hot recall efficiencies to at least can consume to satisfy the superior indoor air quality.records fallen petal
2, change the request of tolerance according to the dissimilarity, pass to become soon control system combine start side the function make the outdoor comfortable air got into the indoor and economize energy.
3, degree of humidity modulator, can automatically regulate movement according to the change of air, environment degree of humidity.
4, metal roasted to paint outer shell to change traditional plastics outer shell quality, raised beauty and enduring and safety.
5, the electrical engineering economy energy of the whole closingses don't need to fix to make you life long enjoyable, without cares at home.
6, the automatic balance control design of the latest current of air let you the indoor fresh air is constantly and continuously.
7, the design of convenient gearing promised that installing is simple, the form is diverse.
8, Be canned be convenient to take out by long heavy duty filter Xin body, easy to heat exchanger
9, the carbon dioxide monitor choose to pack, can make the air quality promised and exceed to prepare to establish such as the indoor carbon dioxide density standard, that product will regulate movement by oneself and let you keep off paroxysm harassment.

1.For make environment air the convection is smooth, system row the breeze measure=new breeze quantity.
2.Construct a space physical volume size:The breath activity that lives an indoor person takes for the 2.4 m perpendicular height;The business constructs the breath activity of wife to take for the perpendicular height of 4.5 meters, the breath takes to have the whole space physical volume to compare is about 0.26~0.47.
3.Residence, transact to construct its new breeze quantity to be no smaller than a 30 ms 3| hs.Comprehensive number of times and at least new breeze considering to change spirit measure two factors and take both compute the biggest new amount of breeze to be used as to choose a type basis;
4.The stadium building, big conventional center, and cinema...etc. can combine to change spirit number of times and at least new amount of breeze to choose a type according to the seat of honor rate, the person stops over following for 3 hours of, according to 50% seat of honor rates certain new breeze measure;
5.For large market etc. central air condition system space, press the central air condition system to always send to the 30% certain new amount of breeze of amount of breeze to carry on choosing a type.
6.The factory, and car...etc. are poisonous, the harmful thing send forth place and press the amount of breeze certain new amount of breeze that dilution density needs and combine to change spirit number of times to carry on choosing a type.
7.Leading to the outdoor breeze tube should keep a slope in order to prevent the rain water pours to infuse.
8.Have to reserve check to fix space according to the sample size while installing
9.The whole heat exchanger Xin body and filter net should circulate in the total amount for 180 days or shorter and clear once.Cleaning the method is to suck away a Xin body with the vacuum cleaner the surface float a dust and filter medium directly clean with water.plate heat exchanger manufacturer
10.As far as possible avoid there is severely hot source in gearing location, the new breeze contains the situation of strange smell and has a little amount strange smell such as the new breeze or the row breeze, can win election to go together with a live Tan filter in the machine set.
11.When cold region used, changed the spirit machine new place with a draught and breeze tube in response to the heat preservation in whole hot commutation types.12.Suggest to install indoors, such as install outdoors, all outdoor breeze tubes have to heat preservation, and need to establish to hide sun and hide rain facilities.
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Buys moon cake

Buys moon cake to beware of liar's trap on the net
The on-line regiment buys moon cake to become vogue in this year's Mid-Autumn, however, on the net captivating"moon cake" but also become some"trap"s that the liars establish.Recently, up to 100 netizens are on the net hair:They buy a top order in website to be worth of counting the moon cake of 100,000 dollars at a regiment that is named to pull a net, Mini Wireless Keyboardmoney handed over, but the moon cake hasn't been waiting.After, telephone in the website beats impassability, the company address cans not find.These who cheat built up his/her own QQ and passed to negotiate and decided to unite Wei power, but met rejection in everywhere.

The hurl tells center to totally receive

38 consumer's hurl tell

The net friend Be"small" to on August 29 buy ice skin moon cake to prepare to send in pulling a net to the friend.She of so choosing that this website carries on shopping is because"use to search 100 times the moon cake regiment buys, this pulls the net first in line, hence the subconscious went in."The moon cake price that claims to be "the biggest moon cake regiment in the whole country buys a website" is really very captivating:The double of the original price 139 dollar per box the Rong moon cake of Huang Bai Lian only 69 dollars, but in the website provides to in advance pay a way, don't provide a third square to pay.Patch Cord ManufacturerClaim to be "the net buys to reach a person" of"small" although feel some doubts, "because is search the first in line 100 times and also have no too trust up".

Led for 4 days, moon cake still be placed in don't send out appearance."Small" debarkation website on September 2, discover that the service personnel of that company can not contact any further, she just realizes she is cheated.On the message of website, she discovers that having with herself is same situation of still has 100 people.

Up to September 2, the commerce department sponsors of the China international electronic commerce center(BCP) reputation hurl told center to totally receive 38 consumer's hurl in pulling a net to tell.Reflects according to the consumer, pull a net to hold a moon cake sales activity on August 25, that website requests to pay first, and declare because the order is excessive and need time carry on a processing.But when the consumer checks to actually pull the express delivery single number that the net provides discover, Cable Manufacturerthe single number all not agrees with the basic format of matching the related express delivery company, and all regiments buy the single number of all same.

Cheat a subsidiary to disappear quietly

Pull the web page noodles provides of business enterprise legal person business license suggest, it unites prosperous science and technology limited company to establish in July, 2010 for section in Shenzhen City, the legal person representative is Long Wei Ping, the registration capital of company is 100,000 dollars, and is natural person individual proprietorship companyelectric welding machine manufacturer.When the company industry and business, tax administration information that the reporter leaves according to the website arrives at its so-called company address and discovers that this companies combined nonentity, the address was a jewelry company at first.And the reporter stir the telephone of beating Long Wei Ping to also connect.

The prosecutors' office relevant representative director of Shenzhen City tells the reporter that that companies indeed have the ground of prosecutors' office the tax serial number.The market direct administration in Shenzhen City relevant representative director's search discovers that the registration of the website person, Long Wei Ping, also really registered this website in July, 2011.The reporter registers that website and discovers, only is the website that registered more than two months, but released a nice bit of and deceitful information:Nonexistent company address, don't have of so-called from the 3 A class of the work letter the department etc. authority section attestation, and without resort to a table of 82 cent the reputation rating beat a cent.Currently, these deceitful publicity and regiment buy although the information has been already deleted,this website is closed.

Currently, cheating has already built up three"pull the net claim QQs"s, more than 200 people of personnel.Because that website registers a company in Shenzhen, more than 80 victims hand over to net friend"week stars" in Shenzhen the bargain record that he or she is deceived and total the amount of money being cheated to be close to 100,000 dollars, among them, integral whole turnthe single pen be tallestly cheated quantity to have 6646 dollars, more than 1000 dollars have about 20 people.

China south science and engineering university vice- director Xu Song Lin in the law school says that pulling the behavior of net has already constituted to deceive.According to the method, even if it deceived not a few people, single pen the quantity isn't big, but if add 341000, is a quantity bigger, constitute to deceive, public security official's section should register for the record.
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Gold prices hit $1900

The international price of gold after last week 's market consolidation, last Friday to break the deadlock in the United States of America in one fell swoop, released dismal employment report, unilateral up more than 3%, after $1879.30 / ounce, as recorded in August 23rd 1911.46 dollars / ounce record high after the high. This Monday, gold prices continue to hold up, as of press time yesterday, New York international spot gold rose 11.6 U.S. dollars to 1896.8 U.S. dollars / ounce, and New York gold break through 1900 U.S. dollars / ounce.pearl jewelry Analysts said, sentiment driven by the hedge, the international price of the four quarter still has great potential impact of 2000 dollars to close greatly.
It is expected that this round of the bull market to be 2000 dollar
The United States Department of labor announced on Friday 8 March data shows, the United States of America failed to achieve employment growth, which was nearly years for the first time the case; and when the unemployment rate remained at 9.1% levels. This is the United States in 2010 9 worst showing. The market expected the United States non-farm employment will increase by 80000 people. The bad data, immediately led to the European and American stock market fell sharply, risk aversion rising again, the financial markets once again in suspense uneasy atmosphere. Risk aversion drove the rapid try for gold.
DGS precious metals analyst Wang Zongxin believes that, in the United States economy near future continued weak cases, poor employment data undoubtedly deepened the market on the future of the United States of America economic concerns, QE3 ( the third round of quantitative easing monetary policy ) is expected to continue to rise, and the euro zone Greece has failed to reach an agreement," can say, market on the global economy bottom concerns recently unabated, gold is in after entering the four quarter or will continue to rise, year 2000 dollars / ounce is not far."
Will Xin Investment Research Center Chief Analyst Yang Yijun believes, will affect the city review 8 clues, the sovereign debt crisis deepening and spreading fear, a new round of quantitative easing is expected as a supplement, the two cue stimulus to risk aversion based transaction of funds into the gold market, investment and speculative blend, makes gold up strong. The medium term, he considered the influence of the city 's south sea pearl two main lines is still a sovereign debt crisis and a new round of quantitative easing, but their impact on the market and the different process.
" The two clues in the different stages of market produce alternating influence, even also coincidence ( solution to the debt problem is one of the purposes of quantitative easing ), influence time will continue for a number of years, and form the supporting the gold bull backbone. Integrated each respect information judgment, I think this round of gold may be on to more than 2000 U.S. dollars, time tends to be in the first quarter of 2012 or two quarter. But the reality is, the trend of gold or far stronger than expected. It is the next few years, even though gold prices further upward to $3000, $5000, or even higher, I don't feel strange." Yang Yijun optimistically called.
This week the trend is expected to be" neutral"
However, for this week 's trend in, Wang Zongxin is expected to" neutral", speculated that gold will be in 1850 dollars to a record high of the trading range. The reason is because, first, the United States market this week in one city; second, although gold has recovered, but Comex gold open, the contract did not increase. He suggested that investors pay close attention to this week's number of risk events, including: 9 in major European borrowers repayment period, when the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) as well as in Germany, Italy and other Congress to take measures to deal with.wholesale fashion jewellery In addition, five central bank is expected to be released this week the rate decision, and a large number of economic data will be released. If the economic data remain weak, then the global economy back into recession probability will increase further, the risks of currency is expected to pressure.
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