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own business

Decline 8,000,000 dollars, persist "own business"
Work properly letter information science and technology limited company in Shanghai, the office of president and general manager, Chen Da Dun Ming, is about only 10 square meters.Would rather say than say this to is an office that is a laboratory, because ground up,LED Tube lighttable up put all of three noodles LEDs to show to hold, drag along one after holding a piece of piece of bare outlying integrated circuit plank, drag along again on the plank a thick thin different[one] root circuit, all conjunction on his notebook.Chen Da Dun Ming's company leaves the road that his "start a business old house" only has two station subways.More than 5 years ago, work properly the letter companies were born in a dormitory prolonged area in the road school in the University of Shanghai, now then the company had the greater half level of office building.But these two station roads, to his start a business team but speech are so long.

Don't wish to beg to be safe, read to grind and start a business
When big clear the Normal University physics fastens graduation from China in 2002, the father hopes that he is a teacher and beg one it's safe.Big clear but arrive at Shanghai, is testing to grind, study abroad, the employment continuously try, then go up north to go down south, the side reviews a side part-time job, have been having no a safe work.Didn't discover "another world" until he went to Shenzhen:"Here not the everyones all go to work and literally arrest a person on the street may be a boss,DVB T RECEIVER can open company in the home."

At this time, he receiveds big automation to fasten Master to living to enter school a notice and starts reading to grind and starts a business.Go to°from Shenzhen Shanghai, stock exchange already use last show that the electronics of condition of the market holds, this is the present person the LED monochrome totally knowing show to hold, but was thought "very advanced"s at that time.Big clear think, the that LED control plank of screen back "have already made a head" and relates to the technique that he learns and develop threshold is not high either, and up greatly still have LED the related hospital with laboratory.

Company first list, beg for"lousy tail engineering"
In October, 2005, Shanghai works properly the letter electronics science and technology limited company to establish in the small room.Just enough put 4 tables there, and two office desks put at veranda up.Company totally 6 people, in addition to big clear, Plate Heat Exchangeralso have him 3 industry insiders that seek to come:The cent takes care of engineer and a sale of hardware, software, in addition the finance, text is each one person of member.

Company the first list begs for to come.Big clear arrive at implementation LED of the big business enterprise of engineering, because their technique director general is up big teacher."You have what'lousy tail engineering', turn to do for me."By a happy chance the technical personnel just left office, measuring of the hand previous industrial boiler showed that the item didn't make into.After the big clear catcher, then deliver goods for a week.The director general is pretty satisfied, this circuit board is 500 dollars per piece and entered a quite a few piece and also wrapped to big clear other items, both parties cooperated up to now.

Big clear they start running various electronics exhibition of each kind and continuously open a business relation and have small reputation in the inside of circle.An outside Qi in Hangzhou mutually wins them and open the investment price of 5,000,000 dollars code.For register a funds working properly of 150,000 dollars letter just say, this is absolutely an exorbitant price.But the other party said, the team developed the whole plait the section for one.Big clear wait "four greatest shareholders"s to feel this selling not only"sell his/her own person", return"sell oneself the business", not capable.

Gave up to just have.At this time, just- established Shanghai City university student's science and technology starts a business the foundation also pay attention to them, however"angel's fund" hurl to haven't registered of start a business.Breaks rules at the foundation Secretary-general Zhang De Wang for it so much, give 300,000 dollars"angel investment", LED is each to show magical powerwork properly letter to become "old business enterprise" in the house of the head of foundation devotion from here.

On"Yan in the Hong door", eventually get "general manager"
Be like not a few university student's business enterprises, work properly to believe at the age of 3 flavor of having some the workshop company, be in need of a real business enterprise to manage structure.Include big clear at inside, a few original shareholder age, resume and the ratio is all look like and all have power and all have no power.

Great clear decision reform invites severals to initiate a person to come to leave for "Yan in the Hong door".He seat proposal:"The general manager of our company who to be?"This asks, everyone has a little silly:Really, up to now anyone's name card's ascending have never printed three words of"general manager", isn't not normal.Big clear immediately after say:"If we choose, could not choose, I offer one's service."This"honor and duties" is in clear and ordered pattern to settle descend, hence everybody had an explicit power, the cent took care of each one.

Team not and so take.The shareholder is original to agree on, don't give bonus in three years, money of the Zheng doesn't enter oneself pocket and all used for a company development.But before long, big clear then and obviously feel internal pressure, have to make him compromise.Give the management layer opens of wages, raise to°from 3000 dollars in every month 4000 dollars, and annually company net profit smooth 50% can be used for giving bonus.For all that, still someone withdraw, even someone dismantle Taiwan.Everyone's son isn't intentional to expand a market and just do a website to beat an advertisement and depend old customer devolution.Can write in the case of the company development history, probably just participate in Olympic Games LED transportation inducement in Peking to show item.Many that year, the company gets into a platform period, the personnel enters to pass in and out, but always didn't more than 20.
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LED orders bright world

LED orders bright world to open for new lighting ages
A, main standpoint
(A)the global incandescent lamp is huge to act for a market to already open
The slow-moving recovery that is subjected to a benefit in global economy, the urbanization progress for keeping on and continuously augmentative lighting customer number, the tradition illuminates a way of act for, and efficiently economy energy illuminate the expansion of way, global lighting market already hope to obtain keep on growth, 2009-2012 years, the world illuminates production value to reunite a growth rate to anticipate for year to attain 13.9%.The global lighting market scale of USD 92,800,000,000 is 10 times(USD 9,600,000,000) that of almost whole LED industry in 2010.Can foresee, the global incandescent lamp forbids to produce forbidden cause of act for the lighting will create huge market demands, while LED undoubtedly has a competition ability most efficiently green lighting light source.LED lights manufacturer

(Two)the sparse soil markup become economizing on energy the light acts for of pain
The sparse soil fluorescence powder price soars near decuple and economizes on energy light production cost to also immediately raise since this year.Economize on energy the main raw material of three radicle color fluorescence powders in the light accessories hair tube, the sparse soil has the specific weight of raw material to attain 75%.Before three radicle color fluorescence powders rise in price, the fluorescence powder has 10% just in the middle of the cost in the middle of economizing on energy a light or so, but fluorescence powder markup after, it in the middle of economizing on energy light cost the specific weight had rises to arrive nearly 60%.For should fly to soon soar to the cost of huge pressure, the economy energy light business enterprise continuously keys up price of article, and speed to illuminate a transformation to LED.dvb t tuners

(Three)LED lighting the price compare day by day an exaltation
Because the blue precious stone Chen bottom reduces price and global MOCVD of continuously the hurl produce, LED illuminates chip, spare part price to quickly descend, the extension of the industry scale also lowered the price of other original materials in the meantime and made LED the lamp price quickly descend, LED the sex price of the product compare more and more high, the company uses illuminative rapid the start have already had a foundation condition.Export to also become local LED to illuminate the profession fast- increasing motivation moreover.In 2010 LED lamp export the sum amount to USD 3,410,000,000 and together compare to increase 63.3%, outrunning lighting profession export the sum is 31.7% growth rates.dvb t mpeg4

(Four)LED the industry policy is gradually perfect
LED illuminates industry as the newly arisen industry that economizes on energy an environmental protection, have been deeply being subjected to the value of guo jia and develop healthily and a little bit quickly for encouragement and push industry and have already formed perfect policy system gradually up to now.The economy energy reduces row as an our country"25" plan the head of seven big strategic newly arisen industries, the its importance constitutes part-semi-conductor illuminate of"25" program in September will soon set.In the meantime, along with LED product guo jia of the standard set, parts of LED products have already hoped to bring into guo jia this year green lighting engineering, and enjoy a public finance subsidy, industry illuminate, the business illuminate a probably big scope start.dvb-t receivers

(Five)invest strategy:Set up LED the lighting subdivide the strong of market
LED's illuminating a profession head to choose object is the Hong benefit optoelectronics and the Rui plentiful optoelectronics.The product of Hong benefit optoelectronics above 70% is applied to in general use lighting realm, also higher and more stable gross profit lead, and have the LED business of equal scale to illuminate business.The Rui plentiful optoelectronics above 50% product illuminates a spare part for LED.Select by examinations the country starlight electricity, continent clear science and technology and the electronics of Ao Tuo secondly.This company has certain LED the related lighting business, also further extension and the trend of the growth.Again, the selection sunlight illuminates and flies a happy stereo set, Buddha mountain lighting etc. tradition lighting business enterprise and illuminates business to lay good foundation in LED and has good outlet advantage, but short date face to economize on energy light cost the pressure of the ascension.overseas risk
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creativities beautiful move

Creating the personality wedding might as well try six greatest creativities beautiful move
Summary:The following tallied ups several rather creative characteristic methods for you, completely can shine on they move you of wedding up.
The characteristic wedding not only broadcasts a wedding beginning animation just on the wedding, but needs in all aspects a wedding beginning animation to behind put to sow a wedding dress electronics photo album and in love with story animation.The following tallied ups several rather creative characteristic methods for you, completely can shine on they move you of wedding wedding dresses

Prepare fanciful wedding beginning for the friends animation

First since beginning wedding.From got into wedding the spot beginning the guests 66 continuously and continuously congratulate, don't make them all carefree the nothing important affair does, please prepare that 1 makes and smiles for them of have the wedding beginning of special feature the animation, not only regulated the atmosphere of wedding, this also can let you of the wedding increase an another color.Then immediately after broadcast a wedding dress electronics photo album, two video frequencies back and forth cut over to broadcast and make the beauty that 66 continuously continuous comers can see you tremendous.Finally manage at the master of ceremony under broadcast their for bridegroom's bride love story animated cartoon.This is the most precious love to crystallize.

Use unexpected color"surprised gorgeous" guestcheap women's shoes

Use a color boldly in the unexpected place, can definitely consumedly strengthen surprised gorgeous effect, make the present guest surprised remaining and be full of praise.For example choose dissimilarity usually colorful chicken tail wine;Or used for a color the meal cloth mix to take to provide with with glassware up, effect all will very obvious.If you is partial to a fine soft and charming style, the handiness conceives outline of the light shadow effect will let the monotonous wine red dance hall shakes the body Huan becomes a gaudiness of the powder color is palatial.

Try to let a guest the shoe sole signature at you

In Turkey, before newly married couple follow hall, the bride will request the maid of honor of single and relatives in her shoe sole signature.Traditional viewpoint BE, after reveling of a night with hot dance after, whose signature marking disappear of most who will get married most quickly.Might you as well also try and see?cheap fashion jewelry

The "favourite" series that make you bringing into the wedding

The matter son that you like to do most , like to eat most of, hope to hear all receive a wedding most .Naturally, you of the wedding will make a show of you of appreciate beauty tendency and tasty-spend a body word, sweet garden pea garland, again or curio setting ……you of the interest is more many, you of choice big.

Usually the guest shares the meaningful moment in the in love

Characteristic you of wedding in the meantime, don't forget and share you with friends together and half of another sweet moment, give up party dining table up use the way of doing that the name replaces a table of number, find out the most suitable match the expression that you possess singly of the way of emotion.With you first time, second time, n time appointment location, again or you once lived of street area to assign name to dining table.wholesale fashion jewellery

Make you leave sweet memory

You can even change a method, make the guests come characteristic you of nice day.Creating a special message is thin, let them feel that they really left to print to record in your nice days.After honeymoon, for the first time newly married anniversary, for the second time anniversary, until n time anniversary, read those message will make you feel, your characteristic weddings imitate a Buddha yesterday just just held.led home lighting
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surprised pleased red box

Card ground second mysterious surprised pleased red box

When man's hand holds a red box, at a certain he with meticulous care chooses of place, the single knee kneels down to start to lead long a chemisette left hand and propose toward the woman of the a moment;The hot box opens, the diamond ring of symbol the abyss of time wears in a moment of woman's left hand ring finger, and their dreamlike marriages then box

Red box witness love

Each diamond ring is a moving love story.Diamond ring and love, like the romance for falling in love at first sight, don't know actually is who choose first who.Card ground second"red box" is wrapped up magnificent diamond with the color of this most intensely hot romance and embed more that to the love and devote not the commitment of the Yu.

The red implied meaning wears good luck and happiness, card ground second red box of Jian Yue is elegant, is a brand foundation design of masterpiece exquisite article.The leather outer shell in red takes into to embellish by the gold color lace lace, and according to the precious stone category placed, the inner pad black velvet or white silk.toner

This is classic and red box of have already been thought by people as well to is the fine witness that a sky grants good marriage, "target"ing this present life with it the most love is already also domestic and international consensus of numerous star celebrities.

On the grand Bhutan wedding, the beam dynasty Wei is used a beautiful pear form of second all of 12 carats of one card ground rare in the diamond ring bare true intension to the Jia Ling, more than 7,000 day and night of mutually know concomitant take into the next happy itinerary;But Tom Cruise more under the romantic Ai thin Er iron pagoda, the "devotion fairy" the Kai Di He Er Mu Si in the centripetal eyes dedicates second 6 carat diamond ringses of bright brilliant card grounds to show intensely hot love and whole life design

Inseting of beauty and cultured lines, do inseting of work fine claw and sign noodles, perfectly beat to whet to decorate with detail, the card ground second marriage quitted to still deeply draw on Monaco imperial concubine space lace ·the Kai is beautiful, ball star David of England ·Beckham Mu and Taiwanese wealthiest person Guo Tai Ming and male Ping commander-in-chief Liu Guo Liang ……in their life of important time, cashing note everlasting of sincere promise, the annotation makes the person change countenance of sweet love.

Inset diamond:The circular bright type incises diamondEmail Marketing

This style embodiment spreads to accept from the interesting style of card ground second long jewelry tradition, reserved and dignified.Fine work shop is simple and direct and be rated as a quiting of classic doctrine perfect model to give to set off the United States to drill, hope to catch ray, it overflow the diamond ring quickly passing time colourful, the Yi Yi livings Hui.This history long betrothal diamond ring derives from the end of 19th century, with classic simple and direct style witness pledge of eternal love, seal the abyss of time pledge of printing the love.

Solitaire 1895 serieses betroth a diamond ring style two:Always bathe love river

Inset diamond:The circular bright type incises diamond and spreads to inset the circular bright type to incise diamondSingapore invests an emigrant to plan

Spreads to inset Solitaire of the diamond 1895 series rings, at Chien invite of foundation up increased gorgeous texture, the on all sides bradawl reflected in the center the circular lord drill of brightness, symbolize homely of happy happiness.
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Every only a month, after establishing after the Chinese ambulation terminal company, relevant China move the group will soon establish the news of the group customer's subsidiary recently again not Jing but walk.

"We all feel more shocked while seeing this news on the tiny Bo."Move the group customer's department front-line employee of company to come to say to majority of places, seem to be to the arrival of this news to have no foreknowledge.

Year inside establish, the project treats to settle

"Our government Qi customer's department is old always don't hear this news."To this, several place provinces move branch's employee to say to reporter.But understand according to the reporter, at first Tibet's moving a general manager to wear loyalty have already served as China to move existing group of group company recently customer department post of general manager, in order to still being adapting to a stage, Company Formationthe whole policy the adjustment certainly adjusted to probably return for lead early.

China that doesn't wish to put signature moves group customer department personage reveal to the reporter, headquarters already for establish the big body way of thinking of the group customer's company to have, but prepare and plan a set of personnel haven't finally worked out, currently medium top devolution of the detail but speech then have falsely and have actually."The communication coordination from of several sections of the biggest problem."That personage said that" subsidiary once establishing, the whole group customer's business that move a company all wants to be orchestrated a management by new company, this coordination problem of that involves to market department, law department, and finance department...etc. several sections."

Positive as it does, at first plan June, this year group customer's department releasing's adjusting a new government to drag along Ta haven't modeled up to now."It is can hardly for everyone's opinion to unify, the process is opposite and longer, currently we for concrete project, the subsidiary will include a few sections, the working talent of each section is what haven't settled down."Above-mentioned ambulation group customer department the personage Be candid in saying.

Invites aspect at the personnel in addition, according to understand currently the headquarters group customer's department only has 40~50 people and establish after the subsidiary this number will enlarge to 200 people or so, these aren't 12 affairs that months can make sure.

Although the rift is still obvious, move each related section of group is also gradually forming some important tendencies establishes to need whatIf the objection that doesn't is new, the group customer's subsidiary establishes a project really settle and the deployment hoped to lift agenda at any time, and in the year inside formally establish.

To Chinese move but speech, is perfect group customer market mechanism but carry on of policy adjustment will soon beginning, leave of hang to read mainly is a new policy announcement time and concrete contents.
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Billoo said CAIR’s

Billoo said CAIR’s Oklahoma chapter filed a similar complaint against Now all kinds of women's shoes, most are in so one or two times, so suggest you buy discount women shoes
in 2008 on behalf of a Muslim applicant in that state who was denied a job because of her hijab. In September of 2009, the EEOC filed a discrimination suit against the company on behalf of the Muslim applicant.I need a job where I am appreciated for the work I do, not because I fit into their mold,' said Mr. Welch, who previously worked for Abercrombie in Austin before appearing on a season of the CBS reality show Big Brother. 'I thought they had evolved, but they haven he said.The so-called Abercrombie boys who showed up behind Senator Barack Obama during his speech Tuesday night in Evansville, Ind., were just random Obama fans...Because they were all wearing T-shirts from
, they stood out in the crowd, Plate Heat Exchangereven receiving cell-phone calls from friends who had spotted them on television during the speech. Soon the media mentioned them, wondering whether they were part of an advertising campaign, a shrewd bit of product placement by the retailer, which is geared toward the same young crowd attracted to Mr. Obama’s candidacy.

The young men saw a report on CNN and podbeancalled the network to say they had not planned anything. One of them works at the
store in Evansville. He and one of his brothers and a friend decided to go to the rally; they wear A&F clothes all the time and didn’t think twice about the T-shirts. At the rally, a campaign volunteer asked them to stand behind Mr.Now it looks like Abercrombie will modify its tough-love strategy. “While we never and do not ever plan to be a promotionally led business, we are getting better at figuring something out that was completely alien to us,” said Mike Jeffries, Abercrombie’s chairman and chief executive, during the company’s fourth-quarter conference call. The chain will moderately lower prices.Through the Great Recession, few brands struggled as much asInformation about food best pearl, should south sea pearls
, the company that sells preppy, casual clothes to teens and young adults. While other retailers were slashing prices to attract consumers, the company was still pushing $90 pants, and stuck to its "aspirational" marketing campaigns featuring half-naked models.China Shenzhen water Pui international jewelry exhibition, where you can wholesale costume jewellery

The young men saw a report on CNN and called the network to say they had not planned anything. One of them works at the Abercrombie & Fitch store in Evansville. He and one of his brothers and a friend decided to go to the rally; they wear A&F clothes all the time and didn’t think twice about the T-shirts.Isn’t part of the RFID development and use? You know “spy chipping” their clothes? I found it ironic that of all the brands of clothes that could have been displayed in the media by random fans of Barack Obama, that the one associated with using the latest tracking devices was the one focused on. Call me paranoid, but I hope Barack Obama is aware of RFID and the very real possibility that there are those out there who have every reason to want to“track Obama”.Black pearl is number Tahitian pearl pearl 's most famous

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