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Furniture maintenance skills

Tin BoxFirst: with the egg white to wipe dirty leather sofa, a piece of clean cloth dipped in some egg white polished, can remove smear, and can make the surface bright start.

Second: use toothpaste to clean refrigerator shell, shell refrigerator general dirt, can dip in with soft cloth to wipe a little toothpaste slowly. If the stain is stubborn, can squeeze toothpaste to wipe with a cloth. The refrigerator will restore that finish. Office Furniture Desk

Because toothpaste contains abrasive agent, decontamination force is very strong.
Third: dip in milk wiping wooden furniture, take a piece of clean cloth in the expired not drinking the dip in milk, and then use this cloth wipes tables, cabinets and other wood furniture, decontamination effect is very good, finally uses the clear water to wipe it again. LED Lights SupplierPainted furniture contaminated by dust, can be used wet gauze to wipe package tea residue, or cold tea scrub, will be more bright and clean bright.

Fourth: white radish rub Island, cut white radish with detergent scrub the kitchen table, will produce a beat all cleaning effect, can also use the sliced cucumber and carrot instead, however, white radish is best.taylor made suits

Fifth: alcohol cleaning plush plush cloth sofa, the sofa can brush dipped in some diluted alcohol swept brush, then the electric hair dryer, if the juice stains, 1 teaspoon baking soda and water and mix thoroughly, and then wiping cloth, besmirch can drop.Set up Company
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The price changes a factor

70's in 20th century ago, discount fashion jewellery the gold price was basic to be decided by governments in all countries or the National Central Bank, the international top gold price was more stable.In the early part of 70's, the gold price no longer directly links with USD, the gold price gradual market turns and influence gold price fluctuation of the factor increase day by day and concretely say, can is divided into following several aspectses:led grow lights

1, supply factor(1) the gold on the earth save quantity:The world about contains 137,400 ton golds currently, Golden South Sea Pearls but saving of gold of ground the quantity be still and just and about increased with 2% speed annually.

(2)the year supply measure:The year supply of the gold has great capacity to about 4200 tons, the lately- produced gold has 62% that the year supplies annually.

(3)the new gold mine mine cost:Gold's mining average total cost is more about slightly low than USD 260|ounce.In order to mining a technical development, the gold develops cost just to keep on a slump over the past 20 years.

(4)the fluctuation condition of the politics, military and economy of gold production country: Tahitian Pearls In these nation of any the politics, military turbulence undoubtedly will directly influence that country produces of gold amount, then influence gold supply in the world.
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(5)the gold distress sale of central bank:The National Central Bank is a gold in the world of biggest hold, in 1969 official gold reserve is 36458 tons, had at that time all earth's surface golds to save 42.6% of quantity, but arrive in 1998 the official gold reserve was about 34000 tons and had all golds having been already mined to save 24.1% of quantity.Press to produce an ability calculation currently, this equal to 13 years of gold mineral in the world quantity.Because the main use of gold from the importance store a property gradually in order to produce the metal raw material of jewelry, change also in order to improve native international receipt and expenditure, or in order to repress international gold price, therefore, 30 year, the gold reserve of the National Central Bank regardless on the absolute amount and opposite amount up all have to descend very greatly, Jewellery manufacturers descending of amount mainly depend dump a stock storage on the market in the gold gold.For example large-scale distress sale, Switzerland central bank and International Monetary Fund of England central bank prepare to reduce gold reserve to become in the near future the main reason of the international gold market gold price fall.
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