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people disaffection

West to benefit air attack activity the day consume USD 100000000 to lead people disaffection

On March 21, the Li wave the inside antiair cannon fire of Libyan capital city shoots to the air.21 in several locations in the Li wave of the Libyan capital city encounters bombing, this is the western nation the third day in a row evening adopt a military operation to Libya.

After beating the antiair system of Libya, the western national battleplane maintains a beginning so-called"forbid to fly area".If battleplane in all countries patrols in the Libyan eastern sky, TV BACKGROUNDso the flower sell between USD 3000-100,000,000 every week.If the western nation finally decides and extend"forbid to fly area" to Libyan whole territorieses and anticipate every week expenditure will be about USD 100,000,000-300,000,000.

Spend money"bottomless pit"

Though American solider said, will soon unite conductor department or NATO allied troops commander's headquarters to hand over the Libyan air attack activity conductor power to the method English, other nations perhaps don't wish as well to easily take up.Optional transferAct as a supporting roles ratio to make main force to want easily and get much after all.It is after all regardless England and France still other NATO nations, may face the embarrassed situation of the military expenses serious shortage as well.

The analytical personage points out that the United States is very astonishing for the devotion of air attack Libya.If this code keeps on time for longer than a week for the activity of "Odyssey dawn",History Theme Hotels the Pentagon probably will be forced to apply for more budgets toward the congress very much to make up to"owe debts".In case that the successive air attack still can not make Libya leadered card to tie thin resign on one's own initiative, the circumstances of west nation on the contrary will be more difficult.

Two wars that the American solider launches in this century have been already proven that while hasing no circumstance that the ground troops gets involved, the list depends air stroke to carry out its strategic target.Afghanistan inshore tower benefit although the class falls from power in the American solider's air attack,the influence is still strong and give the new government results in huge threaten, Location styleIraqi former president Saddam once stood as well the American solider is many air attacks"did not pour for 13 years".(The people of the Ren)

Encouraging can fly in the world at a time

After making use of guided missile and launching the first stroke, this report Xun's American solider 20 sunrises move the invisible bomber of the most expensive battleplane of world type B-2 and launch a new stroke to Libya.

The battleplanes B-2s each one costs to USD 700,000,000(a say to USD 400,000,000) and farthest attackstone scope about 10000 kilometers of, on the way's encouraging then can fly in the world at a time.Light and ShadowIts special feature is special shape design and invisible coating make it almost can not be examined by the radar, and can take 8 normal regulationses GBU-37s systems to lead to drill ground to play.It is said that two B-2s that take precision system to lead weapon then can carry out 75 tasks of normal regulations battleplanes, the biggest weapons carry a lotus 2.26 tons.
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foreign exchange

In the yen at present, foreign exchange market focus concern's about 0 interest rates make yen long-term Be the set of the international market interest currency, be investor to see a very a certain market, usually lend yen to invest accrual to the market;When the market tumbles, the investor dumps a property to change to return to yen to avoid insurance in succession, yen because of need increment but walk strong.

The Japanese central bank again provided to add up 5 yens urgent funds to the short-term financial market yesterday(March 16).Short 3 days, the Japanese government infuses into toward the market of the mobility total amount have already attained huge 31 yens.The Japanese government starts to print after shaking whether the Chao machine will result in mobility excess, become the focus of outside concern.

The Chinese central bank published 10,000,000,000 dollars a year to expect central bank note in the open market on the 15th.This is the central bank at every 16 weeks behind, enlarged for the first time to expect the central bank note publish quantity for a year.This front for the issue interest rate of a year Financing Bills, the market widespreadly thinks to raise 10-15 radicles to order, however on the 15th but soared 20.2 radicles to order, attain 3.1992%, outran to expect time deposit interest rate for a year 19.9 radicles order.

The analytical personage points out that yen in the short run will because investment reflux in the overseas walks strong, see from the middle, a huge sum of liquidity will make the yen walked weak, and the strong earthquake will also make the inflation situation of China been getting more complicated, exporting in the short run may turn unfavorable variance, Chinese year of inside renminbi appreciation the range or bottom adjust and add the expectation of interest to consequently delay.

The method cheerful bank analysis points out that China and Australia that day originally of main trading partner's country, the short date sees the trade surplus of two countries opposite Japans will sharply descend, but the middle will be subjected to a benefit at the after-calamity reconstruction of Japan.The Japanese earthquake causes in the short run the need decrease toward the crude oil, crude oil at inside of greatly believe in a merchandise price slump, contribute to the pressure that alleviates China importation type inflation in the short run.

Deutsche bank big China area chief economist Ma Jun(column) also mean, the Japanese earthquake has the certain positive influence on Chinese economy.Because the pit of Japan leaks a problem, or will enlarge the need to the traditional energy, this the benefit very Chinese petroleum business enterprise.Ma Jun also means that if the exit of Japan can not recover in time, will cause the supply chain of China's splitting, if consequently cause Chinese economy, the bottom goes, won't expel the possibility that the Chinese central bank defer adds interest progress.

The day central bank a huge sum of notes a property stability stock market

At past few days inside, the investors have to experience the significant vibration of market.This kind of oscillates probably for several days and probably still need more long-term.

Before earthquake takes place on the 11th, stock market in Tokyo day through at 10360:00 on the prowl, the earthquake takes place after 23 minutes, day through rapid slump, close ratio front a trade the day decline 179:00, Be accepted to 10245.43:00.

On the 14th, the strong earthquake takes place 3 days later, Monday morning, stock market in Tokyo day significantly decline through 225 kinds of stocks average price index number 6.18% Be accepted to 9620.49:00, is last year November 4 lowest level.

The dish continues more to significantly lower and falls to break 9000:00 toll-gate early on the 15th, the fall is up to 6.45%.Day through tumble for ex-er[one] bargain day for to closing price 1015.34:00, report 8605.15:00, the fall reaches to 10.5%.

After just declining continuously for two bargain days finally about 16%, stock market in Tokyo day through on the 16th early dish rebound, up to closing price, the day soars through the 488.57:00, Be accepted to 9093.72:00.Stock exchange stock price index number in Tokyo soars 50.90:00, Be accepted to 817.63:00, rise is 6.64%.

Face to bring investor because of influencing of heavy earthquake and time livinging is disastrous of dismay mental state, the Japanese central bank is continuous 3 days, a huge sum of notes a property to stabilize a market.The Japanese central bank declares after financial policy meeting on the 14th that the implementation makes record of 21.8 yen open market operations, 15 among those trillions yen for immediately throw in;Declare to annex 20 yen fundses to the short-term financial market on the 15th, include immediately 8 yens urgent open market operation of implementation;On the 16th, the Japanese central bank again declares and provides 5 yens urgent funds to the short-term money market.

Law unconstitutional healthcare law Drinking water lags BRIC U.S. state Uruguay faces

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starting a business

Want to think deeply before starting a business

Want to hard consider and again and again evaluate and consider before starting a business mature again activity.In addition to wanting enough resources to prepare, the mental state prepares to be the most important.A few following aspect problems are worth considering well.

The first, why do I want to start a business?Whether there is enough decision, would like to undertake risk?Does whether past benefits is willing to give up give up?

The third, I start a business what is the successful core resources advantage ?The condition that I have is:Enough capital?Profession experience?Customer's resources?Is the technique creative?Does the business operate ability?And will soon the rival facing compare if there is obvious advantage or not?

The fourth, whether have enough patience with once bore strength to start a business to expect of depletion, estimated to pass much to once walk to start a business for a long time a bottleneck stage, oneself have much long-term of preparation.

The fifth, starting a business the biggest risk is what, the worst result is what, whether I can bear?Don't thoughts of optimism on the other hand, must have full mental preparation to the risk, otherwise, a run into realistic condition and imagine different, will result in confidence's faltering all of a sudden.

After answer knows above problem, again decision whether starting a business isn't late.The failure of a lot of who start a business, all prepare with mental state before starting a business not enough, Be in a hurry carry on starting a business, end failure in a great mess, if preparation shortage, condition not have, night 1:00 starts a business also not late.

Extremely recruit:Value-why"old grudge" MBA

Ma Yun always very"old grudge" MBA, why?

Ma Yun once once said dismissing 80% MBAs."Wanting the Yao to send back continues to study, the Yao arrives an another company to go, I tell them to should learn first to be a person, when you forgot the thing of book to come back again.If you think that you are MBA can with the administrator, can say 3 four, that is getting wronger, all MBAs get into our company hereafter start to do from the sale first, can also live down after for six months, our team welcomes you."

May suffer to recruit the precept that MBA brings because of starting a business in the beginning, Ma Yun always to the MBA opinion is rather many.Once, Ma Yun even delivered a violent wind to the college of commerce, he said, did the professor always think that he or she is the best, but did I feel who the customer of college of commerce is?Is those business enterprises of ours, these use person's unit, the voice of business enterprise wants to listen to.

Ma Yun has a parable to MBA, may pack Boeing 747 engines in tractor and dismantled tractor to still run not to get up."I hope to adjust MBA I's expectation value, MBA from think to is an elite, the elite together can not do what affair, I with MBA sit together, they can discuss with a year who be CEO, not who work."

Ma Yun Fan MBA the back of the speech, is that he thinks these MBA"BE a person" have a problem.

In other words, Ma Yun has been emphasizing a kind of start a business type of value, but MBA is inharmonious with this kind of started a business value.

Harvard college of commerce professor gram Lai?The Chris Teng Sen says:Influence a companies to can make what, don't can make what of an important factor is its value.The value definition that we will organize useds for the standard that makes sure to has the initiative an item for employee-they judge according to these standards whether an order contains attraction, how a customer's importance is, and a creativity of new product is to make the person focus attention or careless.

There is seldom a Chinese business enterprise being like Ma Yun to value so value self-discipline, this is a kind of archduke department spirit, is a kind of property to grow green spirit.In fact, Ma Yun continuously carries on emendation on the value, the past is nine greatest values and afterwards simplify again for is six greatest values.To Ma Yun's value, there is 1 on the network widely for spread of order to review, " inside Ba the value of Ba call six vein absolute being sword.Three swords say being a person:Trustworthiness, intense emotion and respect-work;Two swords say working:Team cooperation, embrace each other variety;Vital part in one sword sting, what to say BE'customer the first'".

For example, in the earlier period of in Ba Ba, "handstand" is just a kind of special amusement method, afterwards, the dead order in Ma Yun, promote the handstand in the light of"political task" interiorly, each employee, ignoring men and womens have to learn.Concerning this, Ma Yun has three considerations of levels:

1.You think that you cans not do it, in fact you definitely can make.Ma Yun thinks that as long as overcome a mental obstacle, can definitely carry out.The thin and feeble employee says that the small arm really props up not to rise huge body.Ma Yun says that the handstand is to bestly toughen.

2.Your a person cans not do it and definitely cans make under the sistuation that someone helps, this is the cooperation of team.

3.Ma Yun gave handstand to change a cultural meaning of angle thinking, "everybody wants to learn handstand, because when your handstand gets up, the blood flows out into a brain and see the angle of world peaceful completely different, think a problem, can also find out an unimaginable angle."

Handstand is break a frame frame of a kind of means, for interiorly emphasizing this culture that breaks normal regulations, Ma Yun it may be said spares no effort.

In 2001, Ma Yun sends back MBA to four colleagues, one went to Harvard, 3 went to a fertile college of commerce.Ma Yun exclusively said while seeing them:"Told me to forget everything that MBA teaches when you came back, you graduated, if is still a frame frame, you didn't graduate and continued to return to learn.MBA also wants to at least spend half year to forget the thing of MBA study after learning for two years, that is just real successful."

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The man loves most

The ancients early has the view of "the woman is like clothes" and also well embody of the attraction of the female lord person's degree, embodied the hardships of love more.If is following circumstance, so congratulate you, you got piece"brand clothes", Be worth worshiping, prostrate un worship.Let the man like to attain by going to a woman who worship the situation, very and rare, they generally have a similar characteristic.

Stand the position consideration at you problem

The woman in the in love in the impression much likes to act in pettish, is that the sign is logical.But if can notice "degree", its magic power by all means and greatly increases.Student's ages of you, can't feel her self-will brings of at will cut class to go shopping an activity, also can't for have no economic source of you are strong the line enough buy luxury goods but tremble at heart.

Ages of work of you, can't appear because of work of busy and forget to hang a telephone to her put blame on situation and can't work at you, either the time of vexed heart your sweet talk, oneself even mood again not good, will also lightly hug you, always station at you, really very reasonable.

Always recognize to you hard true

Person's working to fear most is "earnest" two wordses, no exception in feelings activity.You will feel her to you of earnest have no place not at, which afraid is deliver a message.Turn over out and see, isn't any message that she gives out you almost can't have a wrong character, can't have an ambiguity.This is exactly she pays attention to a heel very much you together of the whole details, her affirmation again and again confirms a quite a few time before delivering news, Cuo phrase, tone, even facial expression.

Are enough and with single mind to you

You chose her, is correct, she is really very good.See come out, she still has a lot of advantages that the opposite sex friends probably don't lack a pursuer, but she will definitely tell them what she liked to is you, and can't take these people to make with you a comparison.

She will often tell you who who who want to make track for her, see you of nervous facial expression, will satisfy ground to add 1 very much, my in the mind will have your a person.To know this isn't that she is boring, she needs to be valued very much.

Sometimes like to feel jealous

Now that she is nervous you, certainly see the woman round when you turn to will feel jealous, emotion animal all will.But usually some details happen, the detection has no, she never makes trouble without a cause, or sends a punitive expedition to you.Just show some of her viewpoints and worry in uncertainty, she concerns you really too and cared you.Certainly you also want to bear heart this time, don't be stingy to cherish to say some words that make her have peace of mind.After all she needs of just an other people is only out of hearing if she can listen to, she say quickly.

The born nature distrustful sensitive.Female than male more sensitive, easily feel ache and worry anxiously, don't know how should to the high pressure, therefore easily suppress Yu.Although the sensitive makes the person's thinking been getting more vivid, long term the sensitive is distrustful to health disadvantageous.

Canning not is tolerant of is silent.The female is good at "delicate variety" that detects a relationship.They can not is tolerant of the other party Cold War type most of silent.

Kind read other people's idea.The female can easily read to understand the other people's viewpoint.They can soon remember the other people's looks and comprehend the meaning of the other party from tone, face facial expression and body language of others.

The emotion is influenced by menstruation.The female emotion is all the time free from to influence till menstruation.Because the hormone level continuously changes in the female body and makes them unpredictable mood.

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expert announces

The expert announces to public the heart of different crowd to care Shu
There is a wise man in ancient Greece once say, the personality decided destiny.For disease and speech, personal occupation been engaged in, may also decide destiny.There is an Epidemiology survey pointing out, the outbreak rate of the coronary of different occupation is also different, "sometimes we read a check report and chatted 2 with sufferer, can know they is stem what of." Reply subsidiary medium heart pipe room Fan in mountain hospital of Dan university ice vice- director of words confirmed an occupation relationship with of heart attack further, this period, we invite an expert to tell you, you are engaged in of work, leaving the coronary is near is far?How can we decline to the risk lowest and work well the prevention caring in time?

Long sit to move the type less

Represent an occupation:Driver, public official

At the beginning of this year, by the name of Lin Nan Zhen's Mr. handed over driver to move whole China, he that in hour of danger a feet brake avoided personnel's dead and injured, but he die abruptly behind again don't can wake up.In people's sob not already in the meantime, clinical up also discover, the driver is the high Wei crowd of coronary.Probably Lin Nan Zhen's coronary artery is previous to have already appeared a problem, or occasionally some symptoms, but don't care, finally bring about tragedy.

The expert is analytical:The coronary is an and the life style closely-related disease.The modern people live a condition more and more good, life style variety of the firstly is to eat much, like, but activity the quantity is getting less and go out and then take bus , enter upstairs elevator, do laundry to have a washer, sweeping the household chores can invite for an hour, work, result cause from here, is fat increase day by day.This will give our afferent"add", time is getting longer, the heart will go wrong.The particularly full-time driver, office text member and public official are "long sit" main force, the risk of heart attack is very high.There is a survey suggesting, 40% occupation personages are quiet interests to transact and be up to 70% occupation personages to become accustomed to more long sit immovable life style.

Suggest:Sport can improve coronary artery blood quantity and promote a myocardial to provide blood and provide oxygen ability.Everybody's interest is different from the physical strength standard, to most people, the most safe, effective of sport is on foot, insist walking 10,000 every day, or walk an hour, feel tiny to perspire then.The swimming is also a quite good Aerobic, can have rhythm ground to toughen each part of whole body.Be like driver, this crowd, probably hard exclusively take out time to toughen, that will fight for the opportunity that everything can make use of, take advantage o work blank on schedule to get off to walk and go home to go upstairs as far as possible and don't sit elevator etc..

Anxious trueer type

Represent an occupation:Police, teacher

Protect to settle city a 35-year-old police for 2011 the beginning of the years, suddenly feel chest a pain and be depressed while working.Arrive hospital to seek medical advice, discover its coronary artery three pathological changeses, narrow the degree is more than 90%.But Liberation Arm a set of data of 254 announcements in the hospital suggests, police because the personality is anxious, too more true, heart attack Gao Fa
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beautiful conflict

Open widely in:The terminator of country beautiful conflict?
Seem to be never to lack fascinating leading role in the country United States war that fills the air in the nitric smoke, fade out in numerous leading roles of, another leading role started getting into people's view again, he, be at first greatly in the geneses person of electric appliances opened widely in.

Open widely medium its person

In March, 1948 is born in opening widely of Peking is "three old senior high schools living", once went to the country to cut in line in the suburban area village of Peking.In the winter of 1980, he is at oneself

Related company stock trend

Chinese bank 3.39+0.051.50% TCL the group 4.67+0.051.08% sea letter electric appliances 14.55+0.110.76% kitchens take baking pan as to give, knit shuttle to make a pole and create 60 pedestal floor lamps and win benefit 160 dollars, this is the electric appliances of 21th century sale the most outstanding-greatly win the first business of electric appliances.In April, 1982, open widely medium the registration establish "Zhang Ji's electric appliances processes to spread", this only one allowed the name that the private enterprise registered at that time."Zhang Ji" takes manufacturing stereo set enlarger as main business duty, 1988, the sales amount breaks 100,000 dollars for the very first time and occupied at that time the market quota of above stereo set enlarger 90% in Peking.1989 the beginning of the year, the business area only has the west list of"greatly medium stereo set company" at Peking of 10 even rices to start practice and carries on a dollar spare part sale.This is to open widely medium open a first family store, carried out to process and synthesize the change of development to the production trade from the pure production.In July, 1993, the jade spring road that gathers together "greatly medium stereo set device city" of global famous stereo set device in Peking starts practice and be rated as a professional Chinese stereo set device first store.In 1999, greatly win electric appliances as the electric appliances particularly sells chain store to formally rise a sail and open widely medium also achieved own dream, the next year greatly wins electric appliances chain store to attain 6.In 2003, greatly win an electric appliances to set up shop quantity to increase to 32, occupy electric appliances in Peking sells 50% electric applianceses catena that market quotas become only one overalying city inside Peking, community and far suburb county company.At the same year, he opens the first store start practice and mark greatly medium the electric appliances come out Peking and become national sex electric appliances catena to sell a company.In 2005, greatly win the peak period of coming to an its development, occupy appliance market 50% quotas in Peking, exceeded country the United States and Su rather of total.Open widely immediately medium established the way of thinking of national development.

However, after 2005, the appliance profession structure and form mutates, country the United States and Su rather becomes available in the market in succession, and the long sleeve dances well on the market in the capital.A huge sum of funds that twos make use of in the capital to acquire on the market, rapid horse race turn ground, extend a market quota.Especially country the United States in 2006 merger Yung-loh, 100 think to buy a merger five planets electric appliances, make country beautiful, Su rather, 100 think to buy etc. the profession tycoon's market strength is more and more strong.But for greatly in electric appliances, the market environment then is more and more rigorous.In the meantime, because of open widely medium oneself management style of the factor , for long time, greatly win an electric appliances to lack core bag of wisdom team and abundant talented person's storage, business enterprise the development gradually rear a situation of delay effect shortage.Synthesize various factors, opened widely to win election to choose a set to withdraw a market now.On December 14, 2007, 59-year-old he wins troops greatly electric appliances all shares buy beautiful electric appliances for the country by 3,650,000,000 dollars, concealed back an appliance of profession.

Go into TCL first, then enter the sea letter open widely in"change profession" to invest

Though have already withdrawn appliance profession, open widely medium still to the appliance profession"the feeling includes only a clock" that oneself acquaints with.According to understanding, after withdrawing an appliance industry, open widely in established greatly in the investment, mainly be engaged in a business enterprise risk investment, integration merger to become available in the market etc. business.And the company's website said, the greatly medium investment owned more than 4,000,000,000 dollars single-item investment ability, more than 10,000,000,000 dollars can keep on investment ability.On April 24, 2009, the TCL group released its definite direction to increase the hair issue circumstance report and opened widely medium with 2.58 dollars|the price of recognized to buy that companies to increase 10,000,000 of hair.This is greatly to open widely lieutenant general to win an electric appliances all public appearances after turning a hand to the country beautiful electric appliances tallest adjust of be unveiled at a time.At the same year December, the sea letter electric appliances announces its definite direction to increase hair issue suggests as a result, open widely medium with 18.38 dollars|is 7,000,000 that recognized to buy that companies to increase hair, according to issue price calculation, this time open widely medium spend a sum nearly 130,000,000 dollars.Arrives to°from TCL sea letter, let people clearly see he pays attention to of still be before engaged in of old profession-appliance profession.

Yellow war Chen opens widely medium appear

The Huang Guang Yu Lang Dang wears the stripe in 2008.The next year is only yellow the Yu resign from a country American post of president also declare to be taken office by Chen Xiao, Chen Xiao leads into shell boon at the same year capital, and gradually transfer an ownership of a share, Huang Guang Yu's Chen Xiao's ownership of a share battles out to fight imminent.In the middle of battling out war, the country beautiful electric appliances puts forward desire to increase the viewpoint of delivering 20% new, Huang only the ownership of a share of Yu face drive dilution, just raise to borrow money a gold everywhere at Huang of, on August 15 have news to spread to open widely will provide toward Huang Guang Yu's household in having already promised interest-free for a year borrow funds, but on August 16 in the United States degree much aer lunar of the person of holidays open widely in return to domestic.These are two time orders of strangely fits lead to come to the external world infinite association of thought.The weighing scales of country the United States war seems to find out that victory of a square.However henceforth yellow surname household and open widely medium all did to veto to this.Is actually Huang only don't the Yu differ money and still open widely in have no the meaning of wanting one trip this Hun water?Inside guess all can sit etc. final outcome.

However, this is ex- to have medium to explode to open widely medium accumulates animus with Chen Xiao already a long time, probably this is also spread to open widely medium lend° money the household of Huang Guang Yu of main reason.Know what happened a personage to call April, 2006, also serve as Chen Xiao of electric appliances president of Yung-loh to greatly in the president of electric appliances open widely in suggest, greatly win electric appliances and electric appliances in Yung-loh the realization merge in the way of ownership of a share displacement.Afterwards open widely medium discover Chen Xiao still carrying he carries on a negotiation with Huang Guang Yu, and soon sell electric appliances in Yung-loh to the country beautiful electric appliances.Open widely medium very angry, Chen Xiao agrees that once paying to open widely is medium of 100,000,000 down payment changed into a penalty fee to no longer take back.However, both parties from now on become enemies.

Open widely medium go to assume office the benefit good country beautiful?

In spite of is with Chen Xiao's becoming enemies good, still have no intention of a flood let it be, have a details that can not neglect be, open widely medium got into people's view, in fact this before have already had a report way to say, yellow surname household and the country beautiful beautiful shareholder special general assembly of board of directors' country in last year after once carried on a secret negotiation, one of the conditions that yellow house suggests, woulding be Chen Xiao has to leave a country beautiful.This time open widely medium suddenly stand under the spotlight, actually not surprised.

To this 《blessing cloth Si 》vice- copy chief Kang the Jian now thinks and open widely medium the profession has extraordinary experience, if this matter belongs to actually, is a good news to country the United States, at least can end internal conflict and not up and down united at heart situation.

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Unifies a department

Unifies a department again refuse toward all sending back to request to call a respect dynasty residents' will
According to the report way of Han Lian She, Korea unifies a spokesman's thousand seas to become to mean for the concerning the problem that sends 27 Korean residents on the 7th and sets out from the humanitarianism angle, the Korean government respects Korean residents to make the decision of according to the free will, this position not the occurrence change.

On the 5th of last month, 31 Korean residents at caught clam on the way to drift to°from the west waters in Korean peninsula Korea inshore, among them, 4 people hoped to stay in Korea, therefore Korea once meant that will send back rest 27.

On March 3, big Red Cross wires Red Cross in Korea means in addition to having intention to return agreeable 4 people, will took back rest 27 people through Panmunjom.Korea sees this to make a graveness to challenge behavior and requests 31 people to unconditionally and all send back.But the Korean government decides on the 4th, can't will voluntarily stay 4 people of to send back Korea.Under these circumstances, Korea unified the above-mentioned speech of a spokesman to reiterate Korean government existing position.

Thousand sea becomes to also say, for as early as possible sending 27 people who would like to return to Korea, the Korean government will together continue to carry on a consultation toward the square.But up to 10:30 A.M. that very day, the Korean government hasn't together developed toward the square concerning above-mentioned problem of consultation.

Korean government at first plan contacted business office to urge through Panmunjom toward the square at 9:00 A.M. today now the matter gave a cooperation, but that procedure is postponed currently.

According to know, would like to return to 27 people of Korea to temporarily wait for in the Ren Chuan some military troops currently.To this, thousand sea becomes to say, they haven't gone to Panmunjom.

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commitment strengthen

Beautiful the Mo head of state's talks commitment strengthen stroke to across territory drug and gunrunning
American president Ao Ba Ma held talks with the Mexican president Carl virtuous Long visiting on the 3rd, two efforts that leader to mean to speed stroke Mexico violence the illegal drug selling regiment, and solve as long as few decades of sit astride boundary a trucks conveyance controversy.

This is the Ao Ba Ma and Carl virtuous Long 2 in the last yearses summited for the 5th time.Ao Ba Ma emphasizes beautiful Mo two country"impregnable contact", lay equal stress on to state the American government will help the work that the Mexican stroke acrosses a territory drug and gunrunning criminal acts.

On the news conference that holds after talks, when speaking about Mexico has already lasted stroke the drug crime sport for 4 years Ao Ba Ma says:"Virtuous Long president Carl and Mexican peoples expressed for the country house but war of lead person's courage."

"Include an innocent civilian to protect soldier with faithful to the duties Anne at inside, tens of thousands Mexican persons lost life.I have already reiterated to virtuous Long president Carl, on this business, Mexico owns a such an all-directions colleague in the United States."

In December, 2006, the Carl virtuous Long after taking office the Mexican president immediately launched the activity of large-scale stroke drug crime soon.The violent activity that has something to do with drug up to now has already resulted in more than 34,600 persons dying.

In the meantime, Ao expects a horse to also declare, two leader keep on for few decades of sit astride boundary trucks conveyance controversy to reach a consensus.

The Carl virtuous Long thanks the Ao Ba Ma government to support that the Mexican anti- poison acts and calls that the Mexican police arrested large numbers of ammunition and smuggle to make and obtained an unprecedented war merit.

Two American law enforcement officials who leadered to still speak about occurrence on February 15 are killed affairs with gun in Mexico.Recently beautiful Mo two countries are again and again interactive.Mexico declares to arrest illegal drug sellings such as rifleman and its superior etc. of being suspected of to kill the American law enforcement official with gun member.The United States declares in the activity of fighting the illegal drug selling member in the meantime, arrest 700 near suspects

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standard everywhere

Raise lowest wages standard everywhere
The Xinhua news agency Peking gives or gets an electric shock the 1st on March 1, the Guangdong province of the Shandong province, southeast coast of the east of China doesn't raise respectively of the business enterprise lowest wages standard, and northeast of Jilin province and northwest of Ningxia also will reveal in the near future this year raise lowest wages standard, increasing to anticipates will attain two number.

The statistics data suggests that since last year, there are 30 provinces in China raised lowest wages standard, the adjustment range of greatly parts of in the province is all about 10%, some even attain above 25%.But this year, adjust an exceeding of the lowest wages standard step to open along with many cities, China may welcome another lowest wages standard after last year to adjust a year.

Provincial governor spring City, Jilin the lowest wages standard is monthly 650 dollars in 2009, after raising on May 1, 2010, this number changes into monthly 820 dollars."Adjusting lowest wages last year is standard and grew the rise of spring region to attain 26.2%.But plan in Jilin province raise lowest wages standard again this year 20%, after anticipating adjustment grow the standard of spring region will attain 960 dollars."Province human resource in Jilin and society guarantee the hall virtuous spring of head of department Luo to say.

Shandong province on March 1 since adjust lowest wages standard, increase 26% on the average, the tallest file wages the standard is monthly 1100 dollars;And Guangdong province also at same day since start carrying out lately lowest wages standard, lowest wages standard in provincial capital Guangzhou raises 18.2% and increases to 1300 dollars.

From April 1, the month lowest wages standard in Shanghai City will go to°from the 1120 dollars adjustment 1280 dollars, if plus personal lowest pay of social premium and housing provident fund, together caliber comparison, the month of Shanghai City the lowest wages standard be still tallest for whole country.

The lowest wages standard means that the worker is in the legal working time or signs by law of the labor contract agree on of inside the working time, provide normal labor premise under, use person's unit should pay by law of lowest labor guerdon.But this is standard the one who be subjected to benefit of most count the low income community is after raising.

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