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Adjust a temple

Common saying says for a year, it accounting and lying in spring, want to own whole body a fair skin, certainly fair homework wants since early spring.The small plait collected fair reach the person sends of whole years fair plan, take the beautiful early spring offers the MM that loves of beauty for everyone, let everyone easily and from the beginning white arrive feet.

Adjust a temple

If you of the skin color calculate up whitely, but white get ill-health, usually show metal gray have no blood-red color, so you very may be lack guts but make skin white not good-looking.Appear this type problem purpose, the female wants to notice food, because the complexion is usually metal gray because usually eat too many icy cold foods, especially love to stay to wait in the air conditioner building in summer but cause the so-called temple cold physical endowment, not enough because of quick temper, consequently easily afraid cold and pain through.

Wanting to adjust a temple have to first through spread cold, just can improve falsely cold physical endowment so, after finally making skin color rosy natural Chen skin of pure white.The food of this problem repairs to adopt cinnamon, 柎 son, black head, thin Xin Deng Jian, if the peacetime is too busy, can with the ginger brown sugar of the ready to drink heat water, in aid of you spread algidity inside the body, attain to adjust a reason the purpose of the womb, improve a good complexion.

Repair spirit

The woman specially notices to repair spirit in spring health, the Chinese medicine health thinks, Human body three treasure Jings, spirit, absolute being.The spirit is the root and motive of the life activity, it is full of whole body and circulate an interest not, relate to the health and life Yao of human body.The female of debility, generally performance for weariness tired, complexion grey, have a poor appetite, the tongue thin Tai white, the vein is weak have no dint.And the peacetime head quarter feels to don't in the past breathe heavily, even if just sit don't exercise.

Red three have already repaired spirit, reinforce body fluid all, benefit blood, promote the body fluid, strong heart, be good for the stomach, the town calm down etc. function.So, the woman repairs spirit, the head chooses red three.Can select by examinations just the right amount red three, become soup with black chicken Bao, drinking soup to eat meat then can.The peacetime can eat mushroom, sweet potato, big Zao and mountain medicine more to still have chestnut.This food is good to repair the effect that the spirit keeps blood.

The fair emergency mask is that the fair head choose an article

Want to want to maintain for most well fair skin first, certainly head beauty contest white wheat flour film.

Here teach everyone of but the current effect save the self-made fair emergency mask of silver again, composition BE:White fungus, yellow surname, white Zhi, fu ling, the jade bamboo is a 5 gram for each, then grind into a thin end, and go together with face powder 5 grams, use water concordance.Careful is on the skin, after 30 minutes wash go to then.Discovering after using that the skin moistens is pure white and become more healthy in the light Chinese herbal medicine subtle fragrance.Fair reach person remind, must quickly add fair skin care products after using up an emergency mask, initiate new 4 dollars professional fair product like this, make the skin kept pure white and more beautiful.

The apple is fair to repair water of emergency mask

Effect:Moisten to keep Yan, drink humidity

Material:The apple is a , honey 2 major spoon

Method for making:01.Be even to be divided into 4 pieces the apple, put into to stir in the mixer together ground become juice, join honey to beat to divide

02.Put into refrigerator to refrigerate, about take out after 10 minutes

Method of using:01.By hand tap mixture at the whole face, until the face feels to have a little sticky

02.Keep about after 30 minutes, use water pure clean

TIPS:this kind of emergency mask is applicable to a neutral skin.3 weeks before suggesting every week uses 2 times and use once every week after good, the effect will be more obvious.

Keep a kidney

If you of the complexion usually present a skin color dark sink, that is usually all annoyed shortage by kidney to cause.BE loss in business by sexual debility but the Yin liquid causing so the skin cans not gets to nourish, would seem to be to dim.So want to restore virility a spirit help melanin metabolism, let skin quality more the powder is delicate.And, the kidney annoys shortage mostly because too the fatigue cause.If you feel to suddenly become your own exhausted weariness from overwork and have bad appetite, that should examine once if the kidney is falsely.

The Chinese medicine thinks that restore virility and then want Jian Pi.The peacetime can much eat some restore virility food, be like black sesame paste, and dried longan...etc., can also go to a Bao chicken with flowery knotweed or Chinese yam soup.If the problem there being a temper falsely can also add into some party three, yellow Mao, Chen Pi.

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come from organs

These"noise"s that come from organs, such as ear, nose, throat and tooth...etc., the inception may be the reactions of the machine body protection oneself, but exceed physiology limit and then became a paroxysm performance.The human body"noise" that the underneath shows us a few kinds to be heard often.


Professor He Quan Ying emphasizes that when a cough when the food Qiang goes into windpipe and inhales stimulating air ability breath way the foreign body or secretion eject a body outside, so of a cough not ability strong endure.

But again and again cough may be etc. of the bronchitis, pneumonia breath system the paroxysm express.Chinese medicine speaks "the viscera all makes the person cough, not only the lung is also", the allergic sex rhinitis, bronchus asthma, afferent nerve dropsy, heart attack causes of lung blood clot, even the external ear way foreign bodies will cause a cough.Therefore, if appear not clear causal cough, should seek medical advice at the hospital as soon as possible.


In the chest and belly cavity of, have a be like a hat very thick muscle film, it is a Ge muscle.When catching cold is cold and once made a meal of, had a meal quick, eat dry hard food etc. incitement after, the Ge muscle will appear a hair and spasm constringency, people meeting"E son" don't stop.The people hospital in Sichuan province digests a section director doctor often jade English introduction, briefly hiccup is also a kind of machine body to protect reaction, but if appear in a row or unprogressive difficult more, may indicate gall bladder burning, digest way ulcerate etc. disease.Moreover, the badly mental appearances, such as strain and vexation...etc. also often causes to hiccup.

Distinguish to hiccup whether has one for the machine quality disease one small key, then hiccup can alleviate within 24 hours, and asleep after the auto stops of, much isn't what disease causes, but still is hiccuping for longer than 24 hours, and as for person that asleep still don't stop, mostly the disease tie up a body.

Have a ring in the ear

By hand the Wu lives ear, you will feel that the ear inside Weng Weng makes to ring, this because outside abuzz the voice is separated, let you hear the blood voice that the ear organize beside.The subsidiary colleague hospital ear microsurgery director of Peking from medicine department university in capital city wears sea the introduction of professor river, the silent environment can enlarge our to listen to dint, but if must was careful when you can also hear "blare in head call" at ordinary times and appear bell ring, whistle, wave voice, and cicada call...etc. in the ear, while the surrounding environment didn't correspond a source.The United States has a ring in the ear experts all the moxa gram Doctor mean:"I once made a diagnosis and gave treatment not a few buzzing in the ears sufferers, see from the apparently, they are more 10 years older than actual age at least."Serious buzzing in the ears not only the influence listen to dint, the interference sleeps as usual and also cause worry anxiously, fidgety or suppress Yu etc. a series of spirit problem.

The noise causes to have a ring in the ear the most familiar reason.Wear sea river introduction, be the Zao voice of a certain frequency harm listen to nerve ending cell, will produce the buzzing in the ears of corresponding the frequency.Actually, the noises that exceed safe Zao voice standard(80-90 decibel A voice classes) all probably result in buzzing in the ears and deaf.Misuse medicine is also an important factor, the American auditory nerve pharmacology learns a Doctor Brown's research and discover, includes an insight Anne and difference to fight settle, cloth Luo aroma at inside of various in common use medicine may cause buzzing in the ears.In addition, the high blood pressure, coronary and glycouria far-gone and familiar chronic disease can also make tiny circulation occurrence obstacle, cause buzzing in the ears thus.

Listen to nerve ending cell once it is can hardly for cause damage to recover as before, but pass nourishment nerve the medicine wait treatment means to alleviate symptom.The person who has already had buzzing in the ears slices to hate to drink to excess, smoke cigarette, sit up etc. bad habit.

Indulge in arguments

The tooth bites while going to bed the Luo Zhi rings and come to the behind department muscle strain, aching, and the companion contains headache, if you have this symptom, may suffer from very much"indulge in arguments a disease".Causing the reason for indulging in arguments is a lot of, the side wills make the person not and independently indulge in arguments to lie or Fu to lie a sleeping, tooth to bite to match an abnormality;Indulging in arguments may also be the performance that the parasite, uric acid of the stomach and intestines function mess, bowel way increases disease etc..Moreover, the mouth cavity is a human body is excited first part, when people work strain, may also indulge in arguments when the stress enlarges.

Don't see indulge in arguments a matter small, over a long period of time indulge in arguments will cause tooth and tooth to organize extensively to exhaust for week, not only may cause a tooth the disease also make the noodles permitted old for week, influence beauty.If usually indulge in arguments, can spread the top and bottom jaw with the towel heat before sleeping, can relax to bite to match a muscle and as far as possible relax oneself and do a some gymnastics, bubble to sink into a hot bath, listen to light music etc. appropriately.

"Under the general circumstance, I in no case eat any thing after 8:00 p.m..Because eat in the evening will increase stomach acid anti- flow of several rates.After taking a meal, the person's stomach acid secretes quantity to suddenly increase, the valve of of stomach and esophagus will relax.If go to rest right away, the stomach acid may overflow an esophagus very much.You will feel cardiac passion, indisposition in the short run.The long-term stomach acid is anti- the cancer flowing to return possibility and esophagus have certain contact.Currently, the outbreak of esophagus cancer leads far far above other cancers.Diagnosis and treatments are all very difficult.So under the ideal circumstance, 4 hours before going to bed inside absolutely don't eat."

Don't wear burnt eyes of becoming.London nurses and treats teacher Susan?Zhu Li An

"Become burnt eyes of two mirror slices closely match together, the first half part sees prospect, and the second half part sees a near view.I once saw when many patients see a near view the neck joint is subjected to oppression and causes a serious neck pain.If you are an office worker and usually stare at computer screen or at present data, this problem is particularly outstanding, had better change to return to single focal distance glasses."

Take a nap on the nail bed.The treatment teacher Ni Rui Nuo of the card skin Ao south D space sleep in the Er hospital ·pull Mu to pull a gram man

"I want to lie to take a rest on the nail bed for 15 minutes every day, the mattress is very weak and below and about have 4000 nails.Just a lay up may feel unwell, imitate a Buddha 10,000 bees at after carry on the back Ding you.However 30 empress, you will feel relax very much, not painful at all.Like this do to make the person sleep more deeply in the evening, more fragrant.Sleep quality significant raise."

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interrogate April

The medium speech calls that the prostitute"shell girl" gets hurt very much the shell surname accept to interrogate April
Skill the Moroccan dance-hostess of"the Lu compares" calls that"the gold of the whole world" can not also make up her to distress.

Italian premier the west Er Wei Ao ·shell Lu Si Ke Ni scandal leading lady and Moroccan night club dance-hostess"the Lu compares" publicly told a bitterness to say on the 17th, some medium described oneself into prostitute and make her"get hurt very much".

This 18-year-old dance-hostess calls that"the gold of the whole world" can not also make up her to distress.

"Deeply get hurt to harm to want indemnification"

This news of illicit love and sex leading lady's skill is really named "the Lu compares" and is named Ma in the card ·the Ai Er-Mach Lu gram.

"The Lu compares" on the 16th and on the 17th and associated press the reporter exchange an E-mail for many times.She writes a way in the mail, after exposing the shell surname"buy spring" affairs, Italian medium and some oversea medium make oneself"regard as a prostitute and treat" and make her fully get hurt and harm.

"I deeply get hurt to harm and hope to get indemnification, the gold of the whole world isn't enough.(make up my to distress)"She declares categorically in the meantime, oneself didn't do any wrong matter.

The shell surname is suspected of last year and year 17-year-old"the Lu compared" many occurrence"Qian Se traded" inside the villa in the neighborhood of Milan.After"the Lu compares" because of steal after money is caught, he is suspected of misusing authority and helps this"old fond of each other" to get to release.

The associated press reports a way, this correspondent puts forward a television interview to request to"the Lu compares" in times before, the latter quotes one 5,000 euros(about USD 300s 2) and calls "I ain't white to work feeling".The associated press says that as a non-profit organization, it can't pay object to the interview.

The shell surname accepts to interrogate April

"The Lu compares" accepted a shell surname last month an underneath television station covered.She defends for shell surname in the interview and call this Italian premier never"once touched he or she".She says in the meantime that when the 2 people first time meets she lies that she is an Egyptian, 24 years old.Moreover, the shell surname returns to she is 7000 euros(USD 9550).

According to the Italian law, is lower than a 17-year-old nonage with age to have sexual intercourse easily and illegally, can penalize to wear the stripe for 6 months to 3 years.

Milan one domestic discipline hospital justifies on the 15th of this month, shell Lu Si Ke Ni settles in April 6 sunrise courts, Be suspected of having sexual intercourse with nonage woman easy and misuse the authority accept to interrogate.

The associated press cites on the 17th a 27 the page indictment contents report way, from last year Valentine's Day to May 2, "the Lu compares" altogether spends 13 nights in the shell surname Milan villa, "with obtain the suspect(shell surname) provides by cash form of money".

Judge Di Sen Suo in the Milan court says that last year of"the Lu compares" May 27 the on suspicion of thieves and burglars encounters Milan police's detention.Shell Lu Si Ke Ni was taking part in an international conference in Paris, the capital city of France at that time.Know"the Lu compares" is caught news after, he makes a phone call to a Milan deluxe police officer and urges "quickly release that nonage".Next day, "the Lu compares" gets to release.

After affairs exposes, shell surname defense said, oneself mistook"the Lu compared" for Egypt at that time the relatives of term president Mubarak, requested to put a person is for avoid diplomacy dispute.

The Di Sen Suo says that the shell surname is above-mentioned to argue a phrase of"disobey logic", the reason is a shell surname have never halted an accident with Egypt to hand over personage's contact.
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greatly deceived

Add to send back China to outside escape economy to make once for China 10 greatly deceived one of the wanteds
Summary:The Canadian federal government has already issued order to drive out an escape to add a country of the Chinese economy deceive to make.The Chinese wanted who is once named a man wood already on the 16th local time ascend an airplane is sent back to return to China, anticipate to arrive Peking on the afternoon of the 17th.

Round-the-world net report way of reporter, Li Liang, , according to Canadian medium report way, the Canadian federal government has already issued order to drive out an escape to add a country of the Chinese economy deceive to make.The Chinese wanted who is once named a man wood already on the 16th local time ascend an airplane is sent back to return to China, anticipate to arrive Peking on the afternoon of the 17th.Because the crime's suspect drive be included in a Chinese police"10 greatly deceive a wanted" list in, this matter caused the extensive concern of the outside Mei.

Canada 《round-the-world post 》February is 16, once the man wood once was a businessman of Chinese Guangdong and drew in the economic fraud case that an amount of money amounted to USD 8,000,000 in 2000, was pursued and arrested by Chinese police.He holds much beautiful Ni with wife to add passport to abscond to add a country, "underground life" is immigrated a section and discovers after four years, hence to add authorities to put forward to seek refuge to request.But because of he at Chinese police"10 greatly deceive a wanted" list, the Canadian emigrant authorities refused his claim, and the bottom delivered to make to the his sending back.

The report way said that once man wood and its lawyer in many ways activity, hoping to add authorities repeal should send back to make.This year February 15, once of lawyer Dan?The gold Wei Er still warns the federal court said and once returned to after China, very likely was penalized death penalty or"suffered a torture".But lawyer Chris from Royal in Canadian federal, court Di Nuo?The virtuous space lifts Si to declare at the in the same day and thinks to once return to country a "the contract cheats" that meeting's facing has been already been subjected to currently behind accusation, most of will be penalized imprisonment for a specific term.Once will be imposed the worrying of death penalty"purely belong to a guess" to oneself.

On the morning of February 16, judge Bo Yi text in the Canadian federal, court justifies, the court can't defer to once the sending back of man wood made, he will be on the afternoon of the 16th local time sent away under guard boarding by officials of two frontier in Canada section and arrived Peking on the afternoon of the 17th and handed over a Chinese public security official organization connector.

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Amazon region

Amazon region encounters pollution E law court penalize a beautiful petroleum tycoon 8,600,000,000 penal sum
Comprehensive foreign medium February is 15, one domestic discipline hospital in Ecuador the region did behavior that the verdict ordered American petroleum industry tycoon snow Fo Long companies to pay USD 8,600,000,000 a huge sum of penal sum and dumped waste material toward the country Amazon's region for it to undertake a responsibility recently.But snow Fo Long company declares categorically this verdict as"illegal, don't have to carry out effect".

Decide to say in the book, if in 15 days snow Fo Long company didn't ascend a report to publicly apologize to plaintiff in the United States and Ecuador, so fining money amount of money may increase 100%.The medium widespreadly think that arise from 1993 to this have been making the Fei Fei satisfied litigation but speech, the court's verdict is an important milestone.

Currently, this controversial litigation case has already caused some judicial activities in local and international society in the United States, the whole petroleum profession is all paying attention to that case and treats it as a precedent, because this case may cause other large-scale judicial litigation.

Announce on the 14th of in the pronouncement, snow Fo Long company has never announced this Ecuador to pull Ge Ao law court in the space does the verdict of.However plaintiff attorney then means, this domestic discipline court has already ordered snow Buddha dragon to pay more than USD 8,600,000,000 indemnity golds.

The news personage reveals that the concrete allotment of this indemnification gold for-USD 5,400,000,000 is used for whole cure drive pollute of land;USD 1,400,000,000 is used for in the local community to build up a medical treatment system;USD 800,000,000 is used for pay to pollute because of being subjected to but fall ill of residents of medical expense;About USD 1,000,000,000 is used for repairing water resources, and help local species instauration to lay equal stress on to set up local culture.In addition, the court calls that snow Buddha dragon's returning should additionally pay the indemnity of 10%(about USD 860,000,000) to"Amazon defends front line"(Amazon Defense Front) that constitutes to°from the plaintiff.

For the verdict like this, snow Fo Long company responds to say in the pronouncement:"The verdict in Ecuador this domestic discipline court is illegal, can not carry out in the meantime as well."That company means to put forward resort.This was ex- to have news to say, the plaintiff originally requested snow indemnification gold that the Buddha dragon paid USD 27,000,000,000.

Many in the last yearses of aborigine of Ecuador Amazon region have been calling that the false drilling activity that the virtuous private thou(Texaco) company carries on before the 90's in last century resulted in to the vast Amazon bush region hard estimate of breakage, also brought local aborigine the dual damage of mental state and physiology.But this company have already been procured by snow Buddha dragon in 2001.

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disappearance probably

About 650,000 net friends participate in a tiny Bo dozen to turn:The folks starts to lead official concern
"See beg a child, with take photo", net friend the photograph up spread to Chinese college of social science village professor in the development graduate school in set up Rong to set up of tiny Bo"with take photo to give relief to beg a child" up, the in home has the kid and the parents of disappearance probably can lend this information to find out he or she is turned of kid.

Up to 201112:39 on February 11, the powder silk of "with take photo to give relief to beg a child" tiny Bo increases to 205,002 people, in set up Rong I the tiny Bo powder silk attain 443,314 people and total 648,376 people.Have already up spread more than 3000 Qi sons photograph, give relief to 6 kids.

No one can anticipate this threatening force huge public activity will attain how of high tide.

From the huge"get needle"

On February 10, at"let to beg a child to return to a school" in the interview, in set up Rong to introduce his/her own original intention."On January 17, there was a new wave tiny friend of Bo Bo to deliver for me to seal personal letter, his kid walks to lose in 2 year agos.At that time net friend's releasing a kid on the network be beaten to destroy the photograph that begged in the street, but he rushed through past of time, the kid has already canned not find.Because release while being not solid.He asks for help from me.I released this news in the new wave tiny Bo.Caused to echo again very greatly."

Almost in the meantime, 《legal system weekly paper 》once with 《the street begs of is turned son, the mother is seeking you 》report way in set up the Rong mentions of is turned a child, he of the name is called Yang Wei Xin.

On November 25, 2009, the train station of net friend"prosperous fish" at Xiamen claps to a set of picture, a women and 3 kids to beg in the street.The photograph is up spread to a forum by the net friend, the empress was redistributed a baby by the volunteer to go home net.(The legal system weekly paper news hot-line:0731-84802117)last year January 29, the Hong wore to review to see this photograph on that website and made sure that that disgustingly dirty little boy is his/her own son.This year January 15, a net friend contacts the Hong wears to review and calls two year agos, that the red dress boy in the photographs, recently on century square and night City in Zhang state in Fukien up perform "drill iron bucket" to beg.Hear this news, the Hong wears to review to collapse once again.

Subsequent January 30 early morning, the Hong wore to review to step on with younger brother the spring state leave for the car of Xiamen.After pry, every morning 5-8:00, train station in Xiamen a take all someone to take a kid to beg."One early morning, we is a few street corner on the prowls of train station neighborhood and issue to print to have a son the handbill of the data in the meantime.But guarded for 9 days,had no kid's news."Because tired excesssive, the Hong wore to review to fall sick.Up to now, the Hong wears to review a still the in hopes of tiny Bo can bring a hope for them.

The civil activity causes the department value of the public security official

On the afternoon of February 8, the beginning of January of lunar calendar six, human life because of tiny Bo but many a miracle.

When the Peng high peak sees a son who disappear 3 years a Peng text joy, can not help losing a voice to cry bitterly.This front, the kid's father in order to look for son to have gone through all kinds of hardships and difficultie, once opened the first China"looked for a son store" on the net.In 2009, have been paying attention to Peng high peak to look for a sub- activity of 《Phoenix weekly magazine 》reporter the department first time of director, Deng Fei, delivered the photograph of Peng text joy on the tiny Bo and hoped to help to look for a kid.Along with"with take photo to give relief to beg a child" more and more the fire explode and look for the tiny Bo of Peng text joy drive multifarious forward, result the miracle appeared.

Deng Fei later on at its tiny Bo last exclamation:"The birth of tiny Bo cooperates a stroke crime to provide a kind of best tool for the police and the people, it helps an ordinary people to easily but quickly collect, deliver, sharing the child turn to sell a related information and flows into public security official's system without the obstacle and directly support case's carrying out, real carry out a tight dragnet that spreads all over city country."But in the meantime, he is also worried, " we this helped Peng text joy to go home, but still have happy a lot of textses don't go home."

In addition, the west net friend of a river sees a disappearance the kid's photograph in the tiny Bo and he nearby of the kid be like very much, clap kid's photograph down to deliver tiny Bo.The kid's father sees photograph and confirm it is own kid.This is to give relief to beg a child inauguration in the website is given relief to the 6th kid.

However, why a from folks social self-moving of activity thus highly anticipated?

Someone thinks that sponsor in sets up prestige of Rong is necessary factor, if this time activity is started by a common net friend, there is no many star participation, so the society pay attention to strength not so big.

The reporter notices, national government helps member of committee, famous singer, Han Hong, and then once indignantly meanted on the tiny Bo, want"put together" with others' trader, "we' two meetings' the proposal saw".

Because Han Hong waits joining of public person and act be subjected to more and more people's concern, hand in related proposal and proposal on not a few"two meetings" in the whole countries that the National Peoples Congress representative and national government helps member of committee to mean more in March.

According to medium report way, the national government helps member of committee Pu to save Xin to also mean to fight each other support for turning.He suggests that national public security official's system should start to build up 1 to professionally beat to turn a troops as soon as possible, public security official's organization should establish to exclusively beat to turn organization everywhere, equipment necessity of draw up with particularly item budget.

Flying is answering that the net friend thought while lifting to ask, "our public security official's systems had been turning in the predominant dozen, didn't have absence.I notice department officials to arrive province from the public security official hall to police substation several organizations all set up tiny Bo, collect a crime information and beat to turn an information for value particularly.The folks cooperates support to harmoniously help a public security official to beat to turn, and expand other kits to work of introspect and change, the system solution child sells a problem."

Worthy of rejoicing BE, a come from public security official's department of the voice make civil formed a kind of interaction with authorities.On February 10, the street nonage who aims at social concern begs a problem, the public security official department response thinks and organize, forces, cajolery, turn to sell solution that the nonage begs a problem, can not get away from the joint effort of various communities, the crowd's participation for open widely clues source, the stroke earthquake Zhe crime and give relief to a nonage and provide a social salvage to have aggressive meaning.In the meantime, public security official's organization also appeals that the large crowd discovers to have maltreatment, organization and force, make use of nonage's street to beg a suspicion of, please stir to call 110 to report to the police in time, public security official's organization will hard check to check, scathing fight by law.

Test people's intelligence and reasonableness

A new thing appears and cans not helps a doubt and even blames, "the tiny Bo dozen turns" can not avoid.

When the network of "see beg a child, with take photo" proposed to quickly become the activity of gobbling up the network and reality, many people seemed to be just at from enthusiasm of the upsurge regression reasonableness.

At with in set up Rong and flies for the tiny Bo of the representative's"beat to turn hero" up, 《legal system weekly paper 》the reporter noticed a net friend the thinking for turning is for the tiny Bo dozen, even anxious.

The problem includes, can't make the person trader disfigure for kid with taking photo a meeting?(The legal system weekly paper news hot-line:0731-84802117)the behavior in"with clap" surely has the positive function to can not neglect, however"the Yuan false wrong case" affirmation also avoids to can not help, this is also the worry of many people, before getting appropriate solution, should continue to promote?Beg a child and is turned a child, cross a degree not high, majority of kids are all taken by parents to go shopping and how give relief to ……

More problems drive 11 Pus it in many, involve invasion child portrait power problem, stay to guard child's problem, suggest to lower 《keep and raise a method 》medium of keep and raise threshold, suggest that the lawmaking forbids child to beg an etc..

The report way of medium also still makes majority of net friends worry for it currently, February 10, 《youth report 》the reporter on the spot went and saw each big shopping area and track of Shanghai to discover, seem a night of after handing over the circuit, Shanghai in normal times often it is thus clear that of beg crowds all"disappeared".The medium of long sand also in succession report way, visit and discover in the street time, street's begging a child has already disappeared a trace and shadow.

Tiny Bo dozen the earthquake Zhe function for turning seems to start embodying.Someone thinks, this is actually the well of public sentiment to spray and drained despicablely turn to sell to the society the child, child begs of mightiness disaffection, how make the smiling face of begging the son in the sun bloomed is the end purpose of citizen's activity.

"See and fight to turn to sell the child the behavior currently from the circumstance, the protection child's proper education power has already basically become a consensus."The Xiang University of pond professor Europe in law school loves a people to 《legal system weekly paper 》reporter said, the child begged to is divided into three kinds of circumstances:The first circumstance is that the home is definite difficulty, takes a kid to beg;The second circumstance is that the home isn't difficult, the parent begs child as to make money tool;The third circumstance then person's trader turn to sell a kid to beg to try to make profit.Although the social bane of above-mentioned three kinds of circumstances exists difference,ignores is which circumstance, as long as the exploitation is under a 14-year-old kid to go shopping to beg is illegal.To this, any citizen has power to carry on raising a report.We not only want to give relief to is turned of beg a child, and still need to give relief to the child who is taken to beg by the close relatives.

Create a new officer people cooperation terrace

From from November, 2010, 《legal system weekly paper 》hold hands the baby go home the net develop a "the baby goes home" series activity and restore the close story of looking for of a feeling person with true.December, 2010 is 14 looking for of daily publication hairses close report ways 《to the colourful Rong, your mother at wait you go home 》, after is added the new wave tiny Bo by the reporter, is redistributed in succession by the net friend.On December 25, 2010, make the words of calling call for reporter to the hair Peng to the colourful Rong younger brother:"A young man that works work in Guangdong sees in the tiny Bo today'to the colourful Rong, your mother at wait you go home', say that the aunt of oneself Shao sun old house may be in the report way very much of to the colourful Rong."7 divas, body at Xiang west of to hair the Peng received Shao sun to send to come over of recognizing and kissing letter.On February 10, 2011, tells a reporter to the hair Peng, because the weather is bad, the transportation is out-of-the-way, the excrescent busyness of both parties Chinese New Year add, two families slowly can not see top one side, passes letter contacts to gradually check a solid information.(The legal system weekly paper news hot-line:0731-84802117)"hope that the Shao sun brings us good tidings after there receiving letter."The reporter tries contact Shao the party concerned of the sun, because of the signal reason, always can not connect, the whole riddle regiments wait to untie.

If the miracle takes place, this is the citizen to act most and would like to see directly as a result.Majority of net friends since expect "with take photo to give relief to beg a child" of citizen's activity push toward the larger high tide and also worry to be public passionate tidewater to fade to go, the child begs a phenomenon can in the Chinese earth disappearance.

"This is also the problem that I worry most ."Lie in the tiny Bo that sets up Rong up, he says:"My viewpoint BE, pass the system construction , in the meantime, want to pass the training toward the volunteer, let more net friends take part in this activity more rationally.Also hope medium ability constant temperature, at present not have to be too hot, hereafter also not have to be too cold.Now on every occasion also rather will have a small column in the future to a few versions, report way in time what location when appeared to beg a nonage, so just good."

"Form a civil dozen to turn atmosphere, build up a good and flowing freely mechanism, support public security official's system and the civil volunteer professional dozen's turning.We still need to examine domestic affairs, salvage, account to living, the child keep and raise an etc. related kit, the child turns to sell complex, is many social antinomy of silt up a performance, have never been the pertaining to crime crime of a simplicity problem.Need more people's thinking, suggest and actually true at of activity.Discover a problem, solve them".Deng Fei rationally writes a way.

In fact, up to the present, public security official's department totally started beating of 5 national scopeses to turn particularly item activity.Launch just in April, 2009 for the fifth time activity, uncover to turn to sell women case is 6574, turning to sell a child the case is 4595 and beat 2757 crime regiments and give relief to is turned to sell 6785 childs, 11839 women.In the meantime, Be inside public security official's department still just national scope build up beating to turn a DNA information database, strengthen understanding to save is turned the child's high-tech means, thus solve childhood is turned to sell of the child can not pass the hard nut to crack that the looks recognizes.

But why only civil tiny Bo dozen turn can make to beg a child is never once had of social concern?

Someone is analytical to think, the tiny Bo dozen turns the most important of successful factor be, provide clues through a cellular phone, beat to turn quasi-ly can lower into the threshold, beat to turn no longer is an only have professional participation of activity, any observant and conscientious person all can become a participant.Secondly is information to need to communicate and can verify.

Europe loves a people to think to this, the Chinese Internet develops fast fierce, netizen with several what multiple pass to increase.Participate in important affairs and express an oneself claim through keyboard and mouse, become the political life style that the more and more and Chinese netizen is used to.

On February 11, before the reporter sends report, Yang Wei Xin's mother tells a reporter, the day before yesterday evening, in set up Rong to tell that looking for relatives by marriage is long, they prepares to open how is more perfect give relief to the meeting of begging the child, the advent of her in hopes of miracle.
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