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It is not the love with the love that the body brings
In the love, " I do not love the person who loves me, the person who I love does not love me to always deduce. " The love that those two feelings are happy, is the happiest love, is what people pursue and yearn for. However, the person who you like may not like you, while meeting like this, the woman, how will you do?

Until if I, that I like person like me, then I will certainly not go to impose, I will give up that good opinion that has been just sprouted in time. If the person loving each other ceases to be faithful, I will give up resolutely, will not do any meaningless pestering, it is in the heart alone to be sad. Do not say whether this kind of idea of mine is to or not, I want to run into " the person that I love does not love me " To woman, roughly divide it for the following methods:

The first kind: Love quietly, far look at, is blessing deeply. The woman of this kind, they are usually shier, more kindhearted. They do not think the love can be imposed, all lets nature take its course, hope the person that oneself likes can be happy, will even make some sacrifices, the love that such a personality brings up quietly behind their back, usually deeper. Such a woman, I am more admiring. But have to admit, it is passive too, will probably wipe the shoulder with the true love.

The second kind: Express oneself bravely, say in good taste " I love you " . The woman of this kind, they are usually more active and more optimistic. They think the love is to want oneself to strive for, the love will tell him soon alone, even if refused by the other side, suppress and will not adapt to this era in the love at heart. They dare to like daring to hate, the love is to them, apter to accept putting freely, they will fall into and can not extricate oneself in the abyss of the love less.

The third kind: Leave no stone unturned to get the man that oneself like, even if lure with the body, so long as entice him over, oneself is " beaten " . This kind of idea and method, Yi does not really dare to flatter. As the saying goes woman chase man like through one paper, I want, mean so long as woman entice too, then the man is very apt to rise to the bait. This is husband's natural instincts, the man is born treating love and sex separately, they can be with the woman who is not liked by oneself, even and the strange woman keep in touch intimately. So the enticing the desire to only meet him of you is not the love of getting him absolutely!

Old classmate's snow goose, encountered " the end of love " a few days ago ,Complain tearfully in front of us, the man to have sweetheart, with him with take, live together heavy half a year, leave after deciding to go, too merciless, the so-called " couple's kindness of one hundred days of one night " ,How can walk so carefreely, walk so calmly? Does not that include and love?

As to the snow goose, except I express sympathy, hope even more she can be clear, that man has not loved her at all. They originally know each other, she knows men have not felt about her. She pursues bravely, explains boldly, go to move men painstakingly, the man is unmoved. Finally, she regards oneself as " the present " Having given to men, in order to show one's own sincerity, the man is " generous " The ground has been accepted, " enjoy " contentedly Burn.

They have got togather, but everybody has a worry for the snow goose. Such a final result is not unexpected at all. The man often likes those bold and open girls, like associating with them, in love, but like, let such a woman make wife, more too one puts the emotion into those restrained women.

The woman, you should understand, it doesn't represent and love you that the man accepts your health. Don't think people to get him can get heart of him, even if you could keep the intimate relation for a long time, his health and his hearts do not belong to you, because the man can not be loyal to the woman that does not love.

The woman is often blind in the love, it is easy to weigh the other side's heart with one's own heart. The difference in fact on the natural instinct of man and woman, physiological difference, can not change. Unless it need love reason, have fine long hair devotion without reserves one's own gone out in love,love not even spend " entice" Can be got!

A man only interested in your health, he can't love you. So the woman, must not try to gain the love with your body. Really love the person of you, will treasure you very much, that is just worth your paying all of yours!
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by newday09 | 2009-11-27 16:07
The love not felt does not exist
Lose feeling of freshness, not feel to the spouse it is the normal problem that all people may meet, but this script is not enough to influence the small problem of love, why become the biggest killer of love instead as time goes on? The love is two people's thing after all, whether is exactly these sad final results of ourselves' director?

For example the man in the love, how can the lover be imperceptible and you? Don't it leaves some on girl friend to be issue of question but worried endlessly! So long as you have a good change every day, anyone can " feel " To your existence and importance.

Positive the optimistic psychology and broad mind are not only themes of this society, it is the guarantee that a love tree is evergreen too. Dare to change insufficiently, no matter love or undertaking will all have good harvest, some questions would not appear again too.

Besides, the woman, at the time of the good change that the mood arises, can be in order to think about the man's advantages more. Good memory is not used in remembering well on some casual offense shortcomings of man, so want to the less have main threads. And busy man for one day come back home, will act like a child, need, dote on, need stable, light environment like child even in front of you. Have you noticed these details? If you are really that that kind is worth the woman whom the man paid all one's life, every silly man still can use and has not " felt " ,etc. reason leave you? Certainly, if you meet people not pure, another cup of tea.

The dull life among the lovers is too long and easy to present: "Life has not felt; Others' spouse is a good spouse! " ,etc. complaint. In fact, feel it is oneself that good at positive to find life while being what is called.

It is those " Clever and confused " Lover very thorny. They said " Have not felt " ,Sometimes really " Chosen the bone inside the egg " . They are actually aesthetic and tired to the spouse, under this kind of psychology, a little weak points of the other side, can all be enlarged many times. Their flexibility, has probably lacked " Germany " slightly Leadership," transform " deficiency after not enlarging theses on it is can unconscious It is the one's own in Cheng Lian it deeply convinced it is endlessly, " Say good-bye " Sufficient and essential reason.

Why did I say again they are confused? Think about that knows: The love is hard-won after all, if the inherent love is not done well, resume a section of unknown love blindly, and OK sure to do well? Where is the reason which does not understand the question, the problem of solving gone to assume as a matter of course, the problem can not be solved naturally, will appear again. This kind in order to get transiently and happily, and does not think of the behavior of cause and effect, the general one is as good as with drinking poison to quench thirst.

Return one but speech, even if two people get " feel " really , even the difficult condition of all getting along, should understand at least: Have not felt actually set up on the basis of feeling too. Just because has felt and just compared with and haunted and felt.

Since " Feel " Exist, why waste time and effort trying to study an insignificant or insoluble problem, but think you no good; Why go, enlarge, keep watch on weak point of the other side closely only, leave mood that oneself dissatisfied, give up overflow?

Just think: If one sentence " Have not felt " Can become the reasonable ground to abandon the faithful companion, what kind then have to leave the reason and can be regarded as a improper one?

My words are a little heavy, exactly so-called: Originally there is not a thing in the world, it of worrying oneself about nothing. Can some things be really regarded as a thing, not anxious to put the final conclusion, might as well think twice. Think twice person that say good-bye with resolution right away yet as to a lot of thing, I can only say he is an irresponsible person, and impossible with the happiness that this kind of attitude wants to get for a long time from the love, unless he can finding a so-called one constant new " Feel " .

In the country of the love, " responsibility " Status getting very more important really,it is dare it dare responsible for lover too people of love not to hope. Impute one's own emotion responsibly to the spouse or love on one's body numbly and again, this is happy to your life, will be meaningless. The love is loving, only the person betraying the love because of all sorts of reasons exists, does not really exist and lose love felt.

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