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Snow in March

Snow in March
Past in memory
There is no snow
Jade green just like blue and green meadow
Or the sunny heaven is blue equally

In the northern part of the country
Even severe winter
It does not snow either

Thought with joy
The season of the snow has already passed
But on this dim morning
By the thin and weak little tree
My palm is touched to the pure white snow
Do not see clearly that there are several raised angles

Unexpectedly the sago palm for a long time here
In such severe cold
More and more vigorous
Just as a tough turnip which dips in the full water
Have resumed youth immediately
Find suddenly
In fact the snow is a lover of the sago palm
Only accompany the looks on time
Willing to split to be born in the strength of the life

Wandering snowflake
Fall to the experienced meadow
Live in concentrated communities cluster of clans
More and more closely in one's own clan like this
Allow the clan one to go far gradually

The entrance guard of the gate is diligent
Rub one's own coarse palm with the hands
Attempt to create for oneself
Even if a little heat
Even if body not so warm and one's own
Perhaps can be warm
Some hearts cooling

The pedestrian in the street is rarer and rarer gradually
Snow fully
The quilt is few people
Step on it completely mashedly
Originally not straight way
Become extremely more muddy
It is restless to distribute this burst of unspeakable ones

The light in front of the floor is pale yellow
Mirroring a white ground
Reflect out some muddy light
Seem to be in the snow of this March
Only this bunch of light energy makes people's soul warm
by newday09 | 2009-03-04 12:28

Your name

There is no space of memory
The romantic one is strange Unexpected encounter
Your name arises suddenly
A ring of light that my eye appears
Unwilling to leave away in my chest
It seems to be a brand-new seed
Cause the first curiosity in the world
That is your name
Capture my ultimate psychological position
Can not let me understand after repeated thinking
Often addicted to living to die

My pit of the stomach was originally very moist
The dirty thing has ever appeared
How many times are cleared up Become extremely comfortable
This place is natural fertility
You meet it by chance into it
Certainly accept the course felt
Needn't take notice of that spout with scar
I have already made several patches conscientiously
There is development very much Existing opportunity
You begin to pay attention to this damnable place
I appreciate you carefully too
Already stable name that has come down

We begin to speak
The tears with sound are dripped
Impel you to take root to send out buds
There is no shy appearance of a silk
You let me keep watch and introduce
There is sunshine Raindrop
It is impolite at all Very suitable for your growth
My God You are extremely beautiful
Day not very long You grow plumply
Make me too happy to pay
Stroking you with relish is bright-colored
So tender leaf Let me carry away
My happy your name of prayer
Ground Please let her bloom as soon as possible
Let my soul Fragrant and beautiful too

It is anything time to write noing
We have already entered
Supreme realm loath to part from each other
It is together that two names are arranged
It seems a pair of lovers
It is a feeling of the love Familiarity of the feeling
No one suspects the other side's true and false
Need each other Ripe taste

You say Feels conscientiously that this is the first time
Make it warm like the sunshine in spring
Adapt to your extending the life in the future very much
Those things in a mess You have thrown away
Have forgotten What you had once had is sad
It is not on a sudden impulse to stay with me
Not even elope
You let me guess what it is
Haha It is the exciting fate
You also say Cultivate and cross with the ship in millennium
Wan NianXiu comes to rest the head on and sleep altogether
Kay Your name
As beautiful as this jueju Beautiful
Blessing making me eternal
You and name Carve it on my heart
Will not break at any time
Will not forget
Your name
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by newday09 | 2009-03-04 12:27