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It has been two years since Honda released the Honda FCX which has become the first fuel cell vehicle in the world to receive government certification,hawpaving the way for the commercial use of fuel cell vehicles. This comes as no surprise as Honda has always been an advocate of environmental consciousness and a pioneer in developing cutting edge technology in protecting the environment. The fuel-cell is propelled by electricity generated by a hydrogen-oxygen chemical reaction, and its only emission, amazingly, is water vapor. Now, with a fresh stamp of approval from the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board, Honda is delivering a family of new FCX fuel-cell vehicles to its first customer, the city of Los Angeles,superfine known for its strict environmental emission rules to eliminate the overwhelming air pollution already at its midst.

The latest version of Honda fuel cells delivers about 15% more maximum drive motor torque than the previous prototypes and also provides improvements in mid-to-high range power output characteristics and acceleration. It also has an amplified driving range of 220 miles,orangepeeabout 25 miles more than the previous model.

How does the fuel cell work?

In principle, a fuel cell functions like a battery. Dissimilar from a battery though, a fuel cell does not run down or require recharging. It will produce energy in the form of electricity and heat as long as fuel is supplied. The type of fuel cell used in the Honda FCX is called a Polymer electrolyte fuel cell.lower Powered by Hydrogen gas the fuel cell provides power to the FCX's AC synchronous electric motor to give the FCX a top speed of around 93 mph. With engine output at around 60kW, Honda claims the clean FCX has similar performance to the its petrol drinking brother, the Honda Civic. Fuel Cells produce electricity from an external fuel supply as opposed to the limited internal energy storage capacity of a battery.

A fuel cell system, which includes a "fuel reformer", can utilize the hydrogen from any hydrocarbon fuel - from natural gas to methanol, and even gasoline. Since the fuel cell relies on chemistry and not combustion, emissions from this type of a system would still be much smaller than emissions from the cleanest fuel combustion processes. In fact fuel cells running on hydrogen derived from a renewable source will emit nothing but water vapor. Water vapor being its only exhaust,answers a fuel cell powered vehicle such as the Honda FCX produces completely no harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
Fuel cells were first used in a practical application by NASA in the 1960's for their Apollo space program. For decades sensible fuel cell application was regarded as too costly and too difficult for automobile usage. Through constant research and development its utilization may become a reality, the only problem that crops up is the source for refueling.

Honda's proposed solution for refueling stations.

If fuel cell powered cars ever become popular, gas stations may soon have to start supplying hydrogen as well as their regular petroleum based products. But since currently there are only a handful of them around, this may be far from happening.

Until then, Honda will continue to do some research on other possible solutions. An experimental Home Energy Station (HES) is seen as the most feasible. The HES could generate hydrogen from natural gas for use in fuel cell vehicles while supplying electricity and hot water to the home. The new HES system that has been jointly developed with strategic fuel cell partner Plug Power Inc. is located on the grounds of Honda R&D Americas in Torrance, California, and will undergo experiments in hydrogen production, storage and fueling, as part of ongoing research into hydrogen energy sources. The new HES system, which can currently produce enough hydrogen to refill the tank of a Honda FCX hydrogen fuel cell vehicle taking just a few minutes once a day.
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How to conserve the liver?

Modern urban life rhythm is faster, some people usually in addition to handle the daily official business, must also be busy doing all kinds of entertainment, so, often in a state of exhaustion of body, reishi spirit often is in nervous condition; a portion of the population living in chaotic service health care products; there is also a part of the crowd often have supper stay up late, habits, smoking and drinking, the bad behavior of people in long-term sub-healthy state, eventually break down from constant overwork, impaired physical health. Therefore, in the daily life, we should cultivate good habits, correcting the unhealthy living habits, maintaining our liver, let the liver from " five afraid ". Understanding of liver should be far away from the " five afraid ":

A liver depression, fear. Chinese medicine that: in the five internal organs, liver for God's wrath, liver is fond of, the main catharsis. An angry, gas will go upside, there is a proverb called " be up his hat ", thus the gas to increase, while the bottom empty lesions can occur. If a person in the long-term depression, then his gas machine can not vent gas engine running smooth, hard, will cause great harm to the liver.

In two, liver is afraid of staying up late. Adults with normal sleep time should be 8 hours, the normal should be from around 23 to go to bed, at 1 to three o'clock is to enter a state of deep sleep, this time is the best time of liver blood, conversely, will raise insufficient blood.

In three, the liver is afraid of alcoholism. In modern society, the social drinking as a means of, a lot of people at the table to toast each other, excessive alcohol consumption. However, a large number of times of heavy drinking, alcohol intake too much, invisible to the liver increased liver controlling dispersion toxins work burden, the liver can not be timely to make detoxification, liver appearance of lesions caused by alcohol, liver, cirrhosis, liver cancer. So, like wine the best friends can give drinking; about dab6d23ck and for those who need to socialize with friends, also should take warning to raise the awareness of health, do not take life for granted!

In four, liver of fear of drugs. The liver is the body's largest organ of detoxification, and the vast majority of the drug has to go through the liver metabolism, which may result in drug-induced liver damage, and incidence is still high. Therefore, the use of drugs should pay attention to the adverse reactions, preferably in the prescribed medication.

In five, liver fear of obesity. In daily life, we should get into the habit of eat greasy food, because the food is hard to digest, will induce hepatitis occurred; should avoid the occurrence of obesity, because of the difficulty of lipolysis in the intrahepatic accumulation, will turn into fat liver, serious person can cause hepatic fibrosis, but progression to cirrhosis, hepatocellular
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Many studies have confirmed that, the immune system produces inflammatory cells can cause atherosclerosis, but the process behind the key factor has been unknown. According to physicists organization network on August 14 days to report, the United States HuoYa pull allergy and immunology reishidab5d55ck research institute of the scientists now have been identified and called CD4 T cell immune cell "planned" the artery wall inflammatory attack, and these immune cells behave as if they've seen lead to attack them as the antigen. This discovery will contribute to heart disease vaccine development.

Lead the study the name vascular immunology experts claus · ley said: "this finding the most excites me is that these immune cells to antigen presented cell seems to have brought about by the molecular memory, and immune memory is to develop a successful vaccine foundation." Antigen presented cells will infectious organisms, foreign substances and their own protein (in a autoimmune diseases) a stream of pack up and then cut them into small pieces, called epitope, show in the cell surface. "If T cells have the correct receptors, it will identify antigen epitope, and manufacturing cell factor to attack epitope, cause inflammation. Ley said.

In mice, the researchers conducted cell imaging technology to track the normal mice and atherosclerosis mice of immune cells in the aorta, found in atherosclerotic mice there are many have been antigenic stimulation of T cell, they had seen from their own protein specific epitope. dvd copying softwareT cells and antigen presented cell "talk", make reaction is manufacturing cell factor to attack.

"Previously did not know the walls of blood vessels has been antigenic stimulation of T cell exists." Ley said, "the experiment that I believe, the development of a heart disease vaccine is possible.

Ley think, these antigen is actually a normal protein, but by the body mistaken as heterogeneous and launch an immune attack, thus cause the artery inflammation. "Essentially, heart disease seems to have a strong autoimmune components." He explained, autoimmune disease is the body to normal cells error caused by the attack. "Therefore, we can explore to create a kind of tolerance vaccine, and guide the body tolerate this kind of their own protein, stop inflammatory attack."

Ley said, develop a vaccine is a complicated process, may need to spend years time, if successful, dvd to iphone tolerance vaccine can and statins (cholesterol drugs) win-win co-operation, further reduce the risk of heart disease.
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