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LED commissioned soon

One, overview of events

Yang Shunchang o (002245 ) released in 2012 three quarterly reports, 1-9 months attributable to shareholders of the listing Corporation 's net profit 840862000000 yuan, grow 7.67% compared to the same period. Which month of 7-9 of net profit of 296534000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.46%, the company three quarter there was a substantial rebound.

Two, analysis and judgment

Moderately tight inventory strategy, successfully resisting material prices

LME aluminum prices have four consecutive quarter year-on-year drop. In the face of the substrate prices continue to fall, company operation to take inventory of moderately tight policy, inventory reduction of about 120000000 yuan, guarantee operating cash grows considerably. From the aluminum price fluctuations of view, by the United States monetary policy effects of short-term, long-term depends on the global economic fundamentals. Analysts, quantitative easing continuous fermentation and global economy gradually improved will benefit the price rebound, the company's inventory management to ensure the performance of the elastic.

The company ordered 5 MOCVD, is expected in 2012 December to the 1 quarter of 2013 delivery, theory of total allowance in the amount of 50000000 yuan, accounting for the company in 2011 net profit of more than 50%. As of now, LED civil engineering of the project has ended, the company equipment ordering is also gradually delivery and installation. Analysts believe that, dab3d12ck industry boom picks up, the company is expected to LED commissioned soon. According to the company's management ability and marketing strength, 2013 LED generate profit potential is very high reenex facial.

Three, profit forecasts and investment advice

The current stock price less than 6 yuan, only reasonable valuation of 70%, there are 30% repair space. Shanghai branch in 2012 formally put into production, the third quarter bottomed. The current material prices down deep, is expected in 2013 of steel and aluminum prices will enter the bounce interval. Taking into account the company LED has not been put into production, temporarily maintaining " prudent recommended " rating. The company expects 12, 13 year net profit of 1.30, 181000000, 30.33%, 38.79% year-on-year growth; fully diluted EPS for 0.36, 0.50, 15.56, 11.21 times the corresponding PE.
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Friendly family enjoy series intelligent home furnishing is Woori brand lasted two years, carefully designed research and development successful high-end intelligent home furnishing products. It is located in high-end personage, dvd to ipad dab8d28ck focused on high-end personage create near-perfect intelligent home furnishing system and experience. It will be the most advanced networking system in intelligent home furnishing system, for your home furnishing new high-tech experience. To enjoy the respect of intelligent home furnishing systems to the network as the main channel, including four levels:

Security monitoring;

Control system;

Execution system;

Intelligent sensor system.

The first layer: security monitoring: safety is the supreme human needs, security monitoring intelligent home furnishing like ears, eyes, nose, always protect your family. It includes all types of professional security monitoring probe, for example: wireless Menci, wireless infrared, wireless curtain infrared, wireless smoke detectors, wireless gas alarm, such as the emergency button, for you to create as strong as iron security alarm system. In addition, Woori home to enjoy the respect of intelligent home furnishing host included video surveillance cameras, can realize intrusion detection, copy movie to ipod mobile phone functions such as remote viewing. Of course, also can be used with ' home wireless network camera, expansion of video monitoring point, let your home life sleep without any anxiety.

Second: control system: control system by Woori home to enjoy the respect of series of intelligent home furnishing host as the core, through the computer, intelligent mobile phone and other various settings. Woori randomly an Android applications, is convenient for the user to use portable mobile phone control intelligent home furnishing, home control and became so simple.

Third: Execution System : the implementation of system mainly according to intelligent home furnishing host instructions, intelligent home furnishing requirements. The actuator includes intelligent switch, intelligent dimmer, intelligent socket, smart curtain. Actuator in the control of the host, Wireless keyboard can realize the timing control, scene modes, remote control.

Fourth layers: intelligent induction: intelligent sensing system using Woori innovative sensing device, perception of your home or office environment temperature and humidity information, and through speech or email to remind you. Also on your body weight, body mass index ( BMI ) were recorded, let your home more healthy life!
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With CVT/ start-stop system

Auris is the one with the corolla with platform models, can be considered as Carola hatchback version, and Carola maintains the same 2600mm wheelbase, but a whole new generation of Auris in the appearance and positioning are biased in the movement, and equipped region free dvd with an engine start / stop technology. Along with the Chinese hatchback car market maturity, the new generation of Auris domestic great possibility. Recently, we obtained a new generation of Auris vehicle spy photos, let us have a look the hatchback car is it right? With your taste.

Sharp and narrow front headlights and front air grille organic together, which can be regarded as Toyota new family characteristics. Beneath the inverted trapezoidal mouth let Auris look very aggressive, compared to the previous generation models soft look, a new generation of the body with more angular and linear features, it also makes Auris is positioned more obvious trend in sports.

From the same platform, so the new Auris with the same 2600mm wheelbase models, in order to highlight the sports spirit, body design generation models become longer and more flat. The new Auris body height than the current model of short 55 mm, while the body length than the current model the length of 30 mm, length width height size is 4275*1760*1460mm respectively, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck make the new Auris appearance more smooth.

The rear styling is compact and vigorous, rectangular taillight to car tail is wider, the rear bumper with two vertical shaped air inlet and the large diffuser as decoration, design echoed the front face of the trapezoidal grille.

Reality pats the models for the Japanese version of the Auris, for RHD vehicles. The complete black interior, in line with the movement of temperament. Making plans for low with manual transmission models, controls the Taiwan design simple and dynamic. The multifunction steering wheel is the main sound system control, high version red wine with DVD and navigation functions, with low version is a common CD sound system, but using the dual-zone automatic constant temperature air conditioning.
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Accept gifts etiquette

Send gifts business activities what gifts generally are not very formal, but that does not mean that you can casually will make the gift can play deepen business relationships for the purpose, proper etiquette is essential. For the recipient, the same is true. Chinese New Year gifts to send what is good.

1 for the gift you want to pay attention to etiquette

(1) with a suitable wrapping paper to wrap gifts. We recommend that you a decent congratulatory speech of paper with elegant or printed. Tin boxes of paper or newspaper do not have anything stronger. However, if you can not gift wrap attractive, we recommend that you buy gift store attendant to help you wrap it. Before wrapping gifts, we must bear in mind the price tag to take down.

(2) The person writing the postscript and signature in ceremonial card. With good texture stationery. The etiquette card and letter should be in an envelope.

(3) if possible, should personally gifts. People send gifts to each other at a particular time, such as the annual Spring Festival. You can say: "Happy holidays! Hope you like my gift to you!" Or "Happy Birthday! Have fun!"

2. Accepting gifts etiquette

(1) Expresses its appreciation. Surprisingly, many people regard this simple and important steps completely forgotten. They might be interested in the gift itself is full of praise, even excited, "Thank you" three real words but not from their mouth to say which is the expression of gratitude key. It shows that not thank you gift, but the other side to give gifts to your move.guanggaoliping

(2) Let the other feel your pleasure. To show you the gift of love. You can thank the hard work it takes to send Sapporo: "You can think I'm great" or "where you found it," or "You should also remember looking like collection of ancient maps.

(3) to send gifts of others. Sapporo products do not take a joke or plug hit muddy. Unless it was a gag gift. Do not put gifts on the special angle Tone brother. If you must do this, jiangzuo and took it home on a corner of the home. How foreign reception gifts, very respectful when you want to put it out in the office.

(4) pay attention to the timing of rebate gift. Chinese people believe that "Friendship can not reciprocate. Accepting gifts from others, choose an appropriate timing of the rebate gift. Help strengthen mutually existing business relationship.
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manual lighting you place

You have to consider natural light versus the manual lighting you place in a room. It is important to test all types of lighting in the room when making design decisions. The next time you are remodeling, dab5d63ck whether you plan to use par30 led or par38 led, make sure you explore all of your lighting options.

Your first step when redecorating is to make sure the decisions you are making will work for the room. Grab your paint chips and head into your room. You may even want to use the small samples of paint supplied in stores that allow you to paint a small portion of the wall. Once the chips are taped to the wall or the test squares are painted, visit them throughout the.

Ideally, you will take a few days to view them, especially if you live in a climate that is prone to both sunny and cloudy days. Examine how each of the color looks in varying degrees of light throughout the day. What looks bright and cheery first thing in the morning may be dreary by mid-day.Similarly, a subdued morning color may blind you once the late afternoon sun reflects off of it Medilase.

Once you have made a decision about paint colors, bring other samples into the room to view the lighting. Flooring is important to consider when matching paint colors and sunlight because the color of the carpet or floor will reflect the colors on the walls. Too much pink in a hardwood with red walls may be overwhelming. A green tinted wood with green or yellow walls may make you feel like you are standing in a field. Make sure your combine your choices in the samples to get a good feel for the final result.

Once the color choices are made and the room has undergone changes, it is time to start thinking about how you will light the room. Natural light is your best option. Open shades to let light in, and try to get blinds that do not block out all of the light when lowered for privacy, unless you are working in a bedroom.

In that case, you will want the option of blocking out early morning light when sleeping. Once you are set with as much natural light as possible, you will need to determine the best way to light the room under non-ideal circumstances. Are there already overhead lights in the room? This can be a harsh version of lighting a lot of people prefer not to use it. Lamps can be great accents to a room and they not only provide illumination, they can be stylish accessories. If you are connecting the lighting to a switch, be sure to include a dimmer so you can set the mood lighting however you
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silicon compound

ET Solar Panels 185-W mono crystalline plastic or silicon compound

ET Solar panels are located in the Eastern, and are among the most fast-expanding solar panels modules makers panel supplier dab4d61ck Their production capacity is massive and is rising. Their Nanjing based producing plant is among the primary solar manufacturing outlines globally, making use of producing hardware gotten from some of the planet's best providers. This is maybe one of the least expensive options, so for customers on a low budget who still desire wonderful quality, this is an excellent choice.

*Sharp 235W mono-crystalline silicon

This model is a superb panel, acceptable for virtually any scenario. The solar panels are manufactured by the largest solar energy panel manufacturer globally. And because it's a large multi-national company, any purchaser of these panels can be sure that they will continue to be there to honour their phenomenal twenty-five year guarantee, if anything should go far wrong with your panels. solar module manufacturer The panels are terribly efficient, and are made to a particularly high standard in Britain. There's a smaller model available, the Sharpened 185W, which is the exact same, but is available in an inferior size. This smaller sized model is appropriate for houses with a smaller roof area, or for maximizing the space available on a roof.

*Sanyo 235-W mono crystalline plastic or silicon composite

The Sanyo 235W is the best solar panels on the planet. The specialized, distinctive framework from the solar energy cells utilized, and the effective use of an amorphous plastic layer implies potency is maximized. Sanyo's history of improvement in the solar industry means their respected type of panels are used on solar installations everywhere. operable wallThese panels are excellent for houses with a touch of area OK for solar installations, as the space will to be utilized in the absolute best way. Though you'll need to pay extra for these panels, they're definitely worth any 1st spending.
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