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vertical and lateral

There are two basic types of office file cabinets: vertical and lateral. Vertical office storage cabinets follow the traditional design: office furniture001 tall and thin. They can come with two to five drawers for every cabinet and are designed to contain legal-sized files when arranged facing the front of the drawer.

On the other hand are the lateral office cabinets. These home office filing cabinets furniture pieces are a lot wider than the conventional ones.Wholesale office furniture cabinetThey are also also not as deep as the traditional file cabinets although they can come in handy containing larger than normal documents.

When shopping for office cabinets, you need to be very particular with the quality of your purchase. For starters, you want to look into the drawers' suspension system. Well-built office file cabinets will open easily and close just as smoothly even when they are full of documents. Since you're going to use the cabinets for your home office, it's also best to look for home office file cabinet that are installed with safety features that will keep them from tipping over when you open several drawers at the same time. This is suitable particularly for homes that have children who can freely get in and out of the home office.

You might also want to consider getting office storage cabinets that are impact and fire resistant. Remember that you're going to keep important documents in there and it would do you best to ensure that they are well protected from any eventuality. counselinghk Should you need a fire-resistant drawer, look for a seal from the Underwriters Laboratory to ensure that quality of your purchase.
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Second-hand furniture market hot

Now, more and more consumer adored second-hand business, even the furniture is no exception. Second-hand furniture price low and inexpensive, accord with environmental protection concept of contemporary waste. Plus control policy influence by house prices, summer job dab4d60ck the recent market rent the hot, furniture appliances complete, come in and go out convenient homes often is a room, it is difficult to find, rent has take fire the second-hand furniture market.

Second-hand furniture price is low

The author in Shanghai some large swap club's website to see, the second-hand furniture store in Shanghai is to adjust the largest one of regulating markets.

Web site sold second-hand furniture looks like new, type very complete: a bed, a sofa, a bookcase, chest, tea table, table, desk,chinese herbal product TV ark, etc, and the material of the basic and the plate with real wood furniture is given priority to, also have a small amount of antique miscellaneous, furniture style is relatively simple, color also mostly with log color, white, brunet primarily.

The author sees, a set of six times in the red and white color piano lacquer that bake complete set spelling second-hand furniture, use 3 years or so, the price is 3200 yuan.

Second-hand furniture price is cheap LanKe flea market the important means. Many old market in its network propaganda directly said "second-hand furniture clinch a deal valence is new furniture clinch a deal valence 3 fold". Swap shops to the author introduces the miss zhou, "to our customers buy furniture that is basically a cheap to run ' ', because the price is higher, are seven eighty percent new furniture."

Prepare in second-hand furniture market choose and buy the table horse classmate say, he just graduated from university, thinks a catering items, ready to in the old furniture cat some old table not eat chair, cheap real benefit and and new no different, as save money. If buy a new,Office furniture wholesaler neize225dwliterally a table will after yuan, too not affordable, if not venture, still can put the shopping sell back to the flea market.
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protection consumers more active

Furniture more environmental protection consumers more active

According to zhu changling introduction, the revised standard will test new furniture in three aspects reflect its advantage.Office furniture supplier neize225dw And environmental experts also think of nanjing, new improved detection method for consumers is all good.

Good one: overall testing, the results are more reliable

Jiangsu province physical and chemical test center, nanjing hundred million spectrum environment service Co., LTD, ZhangYongBing engineer in accept the author interviews that, although at present domestic furniture detecting way and standards have been very strict, but in actual practice still has some problems. Set by the state for the furniture detection method for "according to the proportion sampling method", that is, according to the proportion of each part from furniture cropping board to undertake the environmental protection to detect, different size and structure of the furniture place to take KuaiShu plank is different also. But because the finished product furniture material, craft involved more than link, the testing samples part though is environmental protection, doesn't mean the whole furniture in the environmental protection.

The revised standards require the use of the new test climate box whole detection. "Keep constant temperature and humidity in the room of 'climate box testing' income out of the data, might be more accurate to reflect send the furniture of the poisonous and harmful material, the whole actual release method will be more scientific and more rigorous help consumers take control of furniture of environmental protection factor."

Good 2: nondestructive testing, low risk

Furniture destructive testing,IP camera manufacturer dab4d59ck let many want to the rights of consumers backed out. Mr. Guo can take this key is not the step, and fear "compensate a lady and fold the soldier".

The new climate box testing method, it is to make up for the current detecting way vulnerabilities. Jiangsu branch rhett indoor test center director PanDong said, this new climate box testing did more than current methods advanced a lot. "The whole thing furniture in particular environment placed testing, furniture itself does not have any degree of damage, it is good for consumers. If the test results are not what, can look for businessman claim compensation, if detection results improve, the even take detect cost, also worthy of, the whole when buy a sides!"

Good three: environmental protection furniture, more worthy

Sofa, table, wardrobe...... Now furniture is no longer a single wooden and become, many furniture will use a glass, metal even sponge materials such as filler. The current detection method in part because only wooden testing, cannot reflect the objective condition of the whole furniture of environmental protection.

"Climate box detection, will all parts of the furniture into examination scope, the overall environmental condition detection. At the same time, it can be in testing at the furniture VOC formaldehyde release a quantity of the harmful material such as a judge, test results more comprehensive, reliable." ZhangYongBing it points out that the new test methods of environmental protection sex will hit the furniture to step on to a new stage.
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