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by newday09

Pink factories

At first, because of the lack of planning for my life, teacher waved his hand, I think you are a very idol you anyway, nothing to do, to compile idol chanting. Heard this, I am elated, readily agreed. Later true
Pink factories do not believe in tears

Was added to the creative team of the idol, I realized, the teacher just want to cheat on a pirate ship, the "idol" and "screenwriter Idol" half dime relationship?

Since joining idol screenwriter team, I had no weekend life from morning to evening. When I apply for screenwriter professional, Cheap baby clothes replaces the brandedmy family all ignorant relatives feel that I engaged in a little girl the best career.

They probably all feel screenwriter Well, baby clothes online a new popular in Starbucks, have a cup of coffee, listen to music sometimes writing, the most stressful for nothing more than watching the sunset sad tears.

If would like to apply for a screenwriter professional and above the expectations of the students saw the article, I advise everyone one was to shore, or find another way, I think the screenplay is actually a few large is not suitable for the work of one of the women, completely take, "Body Writing" super large workload.

Office hours elasticity, in view of the creation of habits, basic middle of the night is the cause of rising peak period. To join the team, one day after the first time home at sunset, guard saw me shocked, "yo, China Tax Accounting ServicesLennon now it overnight ah?!" At that time, I really want to shed tears of sorrow.
by newday09 | 2013-01-23 15:43