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Introduction to intelligent home furnishing

Friendly family enjoy series intelligent home furnishing is Woori brand lasted two years, carefully designed research and development successful high-end intelligent home furnishing products. It is located in high-end personage, dvd to ipad dab8d28ck focused on high-end personage create near-perfect intelligent home furnishing system and experience. It will be the most advanced networking system in intelligent home furnishing system, for your home furnishing new high-tech experience. To enjoy the respect of intelligent home furnishing systems to the network as the main channel, including four levels:

Security monitoring;

Control system;

Execution system;

Intelligent sensor system.

The first layer: security monitoring: safety is the supreme human needs, security monitoring intelligent home furnishing like ears, eyes, nose, always protect your family. It includes all types of professional security monitoring probe, for example: wireless Menci, wireless infrared, wireless curtain infrared, wireless smoke detectors, wireless gas alarm, such as the emergency button, for you to create as strong as iron security alarm system. In addition, Woori home to enjoy the respect of intelligent home furnishing host included video surveillance cameras, can realize intrusion detection, copy movie to ipod mobile phone functions such as remote viewing. Of course, also can be used with ' home wireless network camera, expansion of video monitoring point, let your home life sleep without any anxiety.

Second: control system: control system by Woori home to enjoy the respect of series of intelligent home furnishing host as the core, through the computer, intelligent mobile phone and other various settings. Woori randomly an Android applications, is convenient for the user to use portable mobile phone control intelligent home furnishing, home control and became so simple.

Third: Execution System : the implementation of system mainly according to intelligent home furnishing host instructions, intelligent home furnishing requirements. The actuator includes intelligent switch, intelligent dimmer, intelligent socket, smart curtain. Actuator in the control of the host, Wireless keyboard can realize the timing control, scene modes, remote control.

Fourth layers: intelligent induction: intelligent sensing system using Woori innovative sensing device, perception of your home or office environment temperature and humidity information, and through speech or email to remind you. Also on your body weight, body mass index ( BMI ) were recorded, let your home more healthy life!
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