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With CVT/ start-stop system

Auris is the one with the corolla with platform models, can be considered as Carola hatchback version, and Carola maintains the same 2600mm wheelbase, but a whole new generation of Auris in the appearance and positioning are biased in the movement, and equipped region free dvd with an engine start / stop technology. Along with the Chinese hatchback car market maturity, the new generation of Auris domestic great possibility. Recently, we obtained a new generation of Auris vehicle spy photos, let us have a look the hatchback car is it right? With your taste.

Sharp and narrow front headlights and front air grille organic together, which can be regarded as Toyota new family characteristics. Beneath the inverted trapezoidal mouth let Auris look very aggressive, compared to the previous generation models soft look, a new generation of the body with more angular and linear features, it also makes Auris is positioned more obvious trend in sports.

From the same platform, so the new Auris with the same 2600mm wheelbase models, in order to highlight the sports spirit, body design generation models become longer and more flat. The new Auris body height than the current model of short 55 mm, while the body length than the current model the length of 30 mm, length width height size is 4275*1760*1460mm respectively, Zone Free DVD dab6d28ck make the new Auris appearance more smooth.

The rear styling is compact and vigorous, rectangular taillight to car tail is wider, the rear bumper with two vertical shaped air inlet and the large diffuser as decoration, design echoed the front face of the trapezoidal grille.

Reality pats the models for the Japanese version of the Auris, for RHD vehicles. The complete black interior, in line with the movement of temperament. Making plans for low with manual transmission models, controls the Taiwan design simple and dynamic. The multifunction steering wheel is the main sound system control, high version red wine with DVD and navigation functions, with low version is a common CD sound system, but using the dual-zone automatic constant temperature air conditioning.
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