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Accept gifts etiquette

Send gifts business activities what gifts generally are not very formal, but that does not mean that you can casually will make the gift can play deepen business relationships for the purpose, proper etiquette is essential. For the recipient, the same is true. Chinese New Year gifts to send what is good.

1 for the gift you want to pay attention to etiquette

(1) with a suitable wrapping paper to wrap gifts. We recommend that you a decent congratulatory speech of paper with elegant or printed. Tin boxes of paper or newspaper do not have anything stronger. However, if you can not gift wrap attractive, we recommend that you buy gift store attendant to help you wrap it. Before wrapping gifts, we must bear in mind the price tag to take down.

(2) The person writing the postscript and signature in ceremonial card. With good texture stationery. The etiquette card and letter should be in an envelope.

(3) if possible, should personally gifts. People send gifts to each other at a particular time, such as the annual Spring Festival. You can say: "Happy holidays! Hope you like my gift to you!" Or "Happy Birthday! Have fun!"

2. Accepting gifts etiquette

(1) Expresses its appreciation. Surprisingly, many people regard this simple and important steps completely forgotten. They might be interested in the gift itself is full of praise, even excited, "Thank you" three real words but not from their mouth to say which is the expression of gratitude key. It shows that not thank you gift, but the other side to give gifts to your move.guanggaoliping

(2) Let the other feel your pleasure. To show you the gift of love. You can thank the hard work it takes to send Sapporo: "You can think I'm great" or "where you found it," or "You should also remember looking like collection of ancient maps.

(3) to send gifts of others. Sapporo products do not take a joke or plug hit muddy. Unless it was a gag gift. Do not put gifts on the special angle Tone brother. If you must do this, jiangzuo and took it home on a corner of the home. How foreign reception gifts, very respectful when you want to put it out in the office.

(4) pay attention to the timing of rebate gift. Chinese people believe that "Friendship can not reciprocate. Accepting gifts from others, choose an appropriate timing of the rebate gift. Help strengthen mutually existing business relationship.
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