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immune system produces inflammatory

Many studies have confirmed that, the immune system produces inflammatory cells can cause atherosclerosis, but the process behind the key factor has been unknown. According to physicists organization network on August 14 days to report, the United States HuoYa pull allergy and immunology reishidab5d55ck research institute of the scientists now have been identified and called CD4 T cell immune cell "planned" the artery wall inflammatory attack, and these immune cells behave as if they've seen lead to attack them as the antigen. This discovery will contribute to heart disease vaccine development.

Lead the study the name vascular immunology experts claus · ley said: "this finding the most excites me is that these immune cells to antigen presented cell seems to have brought about by the molecular memory, and immune memory is to develop a successful vaccine foundation." Antigen presented cells will infectious organisms, foreign substances and their own protein (in a autoimmune diseases) a stream of pack up and then cut them into small pieces, called epitope, show in the cell surface. "If T cells have the correct receptors, it will identify antigen epitope, and manufacturing cell factor to attack epitope, cause inflammation. Ley said.

In mice, the researchers conducted cell imaging technology to track the normal mice and atherosclerosis mice of immune cells in the aorta, found in atherosclerotic mice there are many have been antigenic stimulation of T cell, they had seen from their own protein specific epitope. dvd copying softwareT cells and antigen presented cell "talk", make reaction is manufacturing cell factor to attack.

"Previously did not know the walls of blood vessels has been antigenic stimulation of T cell exists." Ley said, "the experiment that I believe, the development of a heart disease vaccine is possible.

Ley think, these antigen is actually a normal protein, but by the body mistaken as heterogeneous and launch an immune attack, thus cause the artery inflammation. "Essentially, heart disease seems to have a strong autoimmune components." He explained, autoimmune disease is the body to normal cells error caused by the attack. "Therefore, we can explore to create a kind of tolerance vaccine, and guide the body tolerate this kind of their own protein, stop inflammatory attack."

Ley said, develop a vaccine is a complicated process, may need to spend years time, if successful, dvd to iphone tolerance vaccine can and statins (cholesterol drugs) win-win co-operation, further reduce the risk of heart disease.
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