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Second-hand furniture market hot

Now, more and more consumer adored second-hand business, even the furniture is no exception. Second-hand furniture price low and inexpensive, accord with environmental protection concept of contemporary waste. Plus control policy influence by house prices, summer job dab4d60ck the recent market rent the hot, furniture appliances complete, come in and go out convenient homes often is a room, it is difficult to find, rent has take fire the second-hand furniture market.

Second-hand furniture price is low

The author in Shanghai some large swap club's website to see, the second-hand furniture store in Shanghai is to adjust the largest one of regulating markets.

Web site sold second-hand furniture looks like new, type very complete: a bed, a sofa, a bookcase, chest, tea table, table, desk,chinese herbal product TV ark, etc, and the material of the basic and the plate with real wood furniture is given priority to, also have a small amount of antique miscellaneous, furniture style is relatively simple, color also mostly with log color, white, brunet primarily.

The author sees, a set of six times in the red and white color piano lacquer that bake complete set spelling second-hand furniture, use 3 years or so, the price is 3200 yuan.

Second-hand furniture price is cheap LanKe flea market the important means. Many old market in its network propaganda directly said "second-hand furniture clinch a deal valence is new furniture clinch a deal valence 3 fold". Swap shops to the author introduces the miss zhou, "to our customers buy furniture that is basically a cheap to run ' ', because the price is higher, are seven eighty percent new furniture."

Prepare in second-hand furniture market choose and buy the table horse classmate say, he just graduated from university, thinks a catering items, ready to in the old furniture cat some old table not eat chair, cheap real benefit and and new no different, as save money. If buy a new,Office furniture wholesaler neize225dwliterally a table will after yuan, too not affordable, if not venture, still can put the shopping sell back to the flea market.
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