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protection consumers more active

Furniture more environmental protection consumers more active

According to zhu changling introduction, the revised standard will test new furniture in three aspects reflect its advantage.Office furniture supplier neize225dw And environmental experts also think of nanjing, new improved detection method for consumers is all good.

Good one: overall testing, the results are more reliable

Jiangsu province physical and chemical test center, nanjing hundred million spectrum environment service Co., LTD, ZhangYongBing engineer in accept the author interviews that, although at present domestic furniture detecting way and standards have been very strict, but in actual practice still has some problems. Set by the state for the furniture detection method for "according to the proportion sampling method", that is, according to the proportion of each part from furniture cropping board to undertake the environmental protection to detect, different size and structure of the furniture place to take KuaiShu plank is different also. But because the finished product furniture material, craft involved more than link, the testing samples part though is environmental protection, doesn't mean the whole furniture in the environmental protection.

The revised standards require the use of the new test climate box whole detection. "Keep constant temperature and humidity in the room of 'climate box testing' income out of the data, might be more accurate to reflect send the furniture of the poisonous and harmful material, the whole actual release method will be more scientific and more rigorous help consumers take control of furniture of environmental protection factor."

Good 2: nondestructive testing, low risk

Furniture destructive testing,IP camera manufacturer dab4d59ck let many want to the rights of consumers backed out. Mr. Guo can take this key is not the step, and fear "compensate a lady and fold the soldier".

The new climate box testing method, it is to make up for the current detecting way vulnerabilities. Jiangsu branch rhett indoor test center director PanDong said, this new climate box testing did more than current methods advanced a lot. "The whole thing furniture in particular environment placed testing, furniture itself does not have any degree of damage, it is good for consumers. If the test results are not what, can look for businessman claim compensation, if detection results improve, the even take detect cost, also worthy of, the whole when buy a sides!"

Good three: environmental protection furniture, more worthy

Sofa, table, wardrobe...... Now furniture is no longer a single wooden and become, many furniture will use a glass, metal even sponge materials such as filler. The current detection method in part because only wooden testing, cannot reflect the objective condition of the whole furniture of environmental protection.

"Climate box detection, will all parts of the furniture into examination scope, the overall environmental condition detection. At the same time, it can be in testing at the furniture VOC formaldehyde release a quantity of the harmful material such as a judge, test results more comprehensive, reliable." ZhangYongBing it points out that the new test methods of environmental protection sex will hit the furniture to step on to a new stage.
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