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Woodiness furniture maintenance

Natural wood furniture products, its biggest advantage is integrated with wood, and the natural color changes. Because natural wood is constantly breathing organisms, and therefore must be placed in the right environment temperature and humidity and shall avoid beverage, chemicals or overheating objects placed on the surface, to avoid the damage of woodiness surface natural color. If the resistance of plank, when bilge is for long time, can use of the diluted neutral cleaner with warm water to wipe a first, again with clear water to wipe, remember to soft dry cloth is wiped from the tar, stay completely wipe after another, use maintain candle polished, even if it has been accomplished. Only pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance, can make both wooden furniture.

Leather furniture maintenance neize225dw

Leather has good heat resistance, resistance to wet and ventilated wait for a characteristic, plus leather natural woven d are not directional, no matter be, hanging is again even retractility; In addition, leather, dyeing not easy to fade away, and with elegant color, and good touch and beautiful appearance, and so has been by consumer favorite. How to maintain the quantity of products moving appearance? The usual cleaning is the key. General maintenance just use clean soft cloth can wipe gently, if you want to clean up the long-term use of produce of the dirt, the most ideal way for: first of all, please use warm water dilute neutral cleaner (1% 3%) first wipe, again with twist dry water wiped clean liquid, and finally to with dry cloth polished, wait for after all dry apply suitable amount of leather maintains agent can wipe evenly.

Cloth qualitative furniture maintenance L-carnitine

The most commonly used in the chair and a sofa cloth, the comfortable tactility and rich design and color, make traditional furniture more diversiform expression. General common maintenance methods: when from dust, sand and dry dirt, as long as tapped to or vacuum the net can, as for into the grain sand, usable brush to brush without extra trouble in light, but do not use hard brush, lest harm cloth cover. If touch the drinks, juice can go ahead with the hand paper towel to moisture absorption, then with warm water to dissolve neutral detergent is wiped, use clean soft cloth to wipe, finally to low temperature drying can.

Steel furniture maintenance

Solid and durable steel furniture is in the office most common, especially the ideal goods such as ark, it is indispensable to the office to receive tools. Steel office furniture in part on appearance, its maintenance mode can use soft cloth to wipe, but avoid using rough, organic solvent (such as gum rosin oil, decontamination oil) or wet cloth to wipe, these are all cause scars, the main reason for the rust.
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