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Movable partition

Mobile partition is a at any time according to need the large space into a small space or the small space into a large space, with the general function of the movable wall wall. Can one hall can be more, a real multiple functions.

Movable partition is also called activity partition, movable partition, partition, partition, moving track mobile noise walls. Movable partition with easy installation, can be repeated use,operable wall hk koge481gex can be used in industrialized production, fire prevention, environmental protection and other features.

Cut off activities give people work to bring great convenience, for example activities screen, you in time of need can be folded on one side, so that the two space temporary joint up and appear larger, convenient temporary department meeting; for example activity high partition, we plant the company may be rented due to various reasons, we should change place. The traditional partition disadvantage it is easy to show, because you don't belong to the house components. In contrast, movable partition is removable, can take, reconfigurable, so the movable partition and can take away the decoration reputation!

Movable partition with high sound insulation, fire prevention, portable, simple operation and so on. Very suitable for Stars Hotel banquet hall, luxury
Hotel rooms, advanced office building with meeting rooms and other places for space use. At present, the activities of separate, fixed partition series products have been widely used in hotels, guesthouses, multi-function hall, meeting rooms, banquet halls, office buildings, exhibition halls, financial institutions, government office buildings, hospitals, factories and other occasions. Movable partition model:
Type 65, type 80, type 85, type 100, type 125, type 125aluminum rail rail, whole glass type G80, half glass with telescopic type G80movable partition


1rail suspension: floor without tracks, only the track is mounted on the ceiling;

2 stability: dividers is steady and reliable, is not easy to swing;

3sound environmental protection: good sound insulation effect, the maximum coefficient of sound insulation of up to 53dB;

The 4heat insulation and energy saving : excellent heat insulation performance, depending on attendance,operable wallthe large space into a small space, to reduce air conditioning energy consumption;

5high fire: the efficient production of fireproof materials, excellent fireproof performance;

6beautiful: the surface of any decoration, can be unified with the interior decoration effect;

7: flexible partition strengths being, and promote flexible, a person can complete the whole process of partition;

8convenient collection: collection plate, the separator can be stored in the special cabinet, does not affect the overall appearance;

9a wide range of applications: can be used in conference rooms, exhibition halls, restaurants, clean factory and office etc.;
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