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accept defeat

I chose to accept defeat for the kid

"Kid, I understand you of desire, mood comprehend you, however the reality can not make us relax.Adjust a mindset,Production House lift high-efficiency!Oneself extrusion time have fun!"Bean bean mother thus say with kid.

The bean bean mother says:"I not am a mother whom the face the realities dare to take a kid to will do a wager in the future, also not is one is personal independence of conduct to have the mother of his/her own explicit but clinging education method and be small rise early big current to inherit, bridgestonebe enter higher school sort in pressure Tashan to press come, I chose to accept and chose to accept defeat for the kid."

See a kid will face after two months small rise a taking out of beginning to measure, after 34 months will rise go into grade six, will be small to rise after a year and zero 2 months beginning ……bean bean mama was nasty to die, only a method:Reported a heap of after-school learning class for kid, let the kid make great effort to encourage.

"In fact I don't want to make decision like this as well.After registered to take part in a guidance class, the kid's pathetic life started, every day in addition to going to school as usual, it is outside class of to also want up the lesson of a heap of, weekend don't even say, MotoGPBe rushed about to each one training school."Bean bean mama says.

In fact kid have much tired, be an all seeing of the parent in the eye, they also love very much.But bean bean the mother is also very helpless:Some families can choose to send a kid to go abroad, the kid of family, who have, doesn't worry a future work, but her house only have this way, don't force how the kid do?"I also hope that the kid can develop completely and there is the state of mind to lead simple life clear ambition, aggressive optimism, persistence unremittingly of attitude,wireless keyboards but have to make him enter a good school first at present."
by newday09 | 2011-11-18 12:57