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ASEAN terrace

Ask for help of ASEAN terrace the economy is quickly rising

This year is establishment dialogue in China-ASEAN to relate to 20 anniversaries, is an eighth the exposition of China-ASEAN again eighth the business of China-ASEAN and investment Feng and will hold of the year especially Be built up completely from the Mao area along with China-ASEAN,dvb t tunersChina and ASEAN's cooperating the vital point south of city rather has already been gradually come radiating peripheral city in Guangxi until the Mao center of the company of the ASEAN, is also communicate China south, southwest and ASEAN of important logistics passage, the economic development gets into speedway.

Dedicate a thick gift for"two meetings one section".On the morning of October 18, south rather the city holds 2011, "two meetings one section" important item opens(Jun) a work rites.South rather five the Ling laurel blossom vehicle limited company year produce 20,000 appropriation cars to move reformation item, Guangxi country Tai food group limited company 300,000 ton food oil foods are deep to process to move a skill to change item a to expect engineering and China gives or gets an electric shock south rather China south city distribute type energy item etc.33 important item concentrations open to finish construction and always invest 5,986,000,000 dollars, the item involves industry, infrastructure, social public welfare etc. realm.

Now, south rather the city just and tightly hold tight construction in China-ASEAN free trade zone, the west greatly development,dvb t receiverswide the northwest the gulf economic area open development ascension for the country strategic etc. in the house fold to add opportunity and hard grasp various works, the economy obtains a fast fierce development.Last year, south rather the city economy continuously quickly increased, the total output value attains 180,000,000,000 dollars and increased above 13.5% and kept two continuously for nine years number growth;The economic structure continues excellent turn, the economic movement quality is good, the public finance income attains 30,088,000,000 dollars and increases 30%;Industrial development power the head is sturdy, the all industrial total production value completes 150,030,000,000 dollars and increases 27.6%;The agriculture stabilizes a development, the agriculture and forestry herds fishery total production value to complete 40,335,000,000 dollars and increases 5.08%;The investment continues to extend, whole social fixed assets investments attain 148,100,000,000 dollars and increase 41.87%;The market consumes active, the social consumer goods retails total amount 90,841,000,000 dollars and increases 20%;People's living standard raises further, town residents person all controllable income is 17960 dollars and increase 10.5%;Residents person of village all pure income is 4979 dollars and increase 13.55%.In the meantime,cable supplier political construction, culture construction, society construction, ecosystem civilization construction and party of the construction quickly push forward and present economy social good and quickly development, the masses of the people live happily of good situation.
by newday09 | 2011-10-25 16:29