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15 Chinese rest cargo vessels and 86 seamans have already got into a safe water
At 15:45 on October 16, be detained because of being in the Mekong water been attacked by Chinese seaman to die affairs influence head the whole distanceses that criticize 11 Chinese cargo vessels and 78 Chinese seamans at my public security official's patrol boat of pure prosperous harbor in Thailand guide to escort under,Safety surfacepeaceful arrive the province west double version Na in Yunnan Tai clan of the autonomy state close tired wharf.

Constitute to°from the personnel from department in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, public security official's department and transportation of leave for Yunnan unite work set, Yunnan province, west double the version Na Tai clan autonomy state all levels the government related section staff member and parts of seaman family members go to wharf accolade,Stadium seating to peaceful return of the Mainland seaman and escort people Jing to mean to welcome and send greetings to.The crewmen represses not to live to return to a motherland and see the feeling of the close relatives' concussion, deeply appreciate party and the government's care to them and help and means although they once was detained Thailand, each each time engrave to all feel an arrival from the concerning about of motherland and concern.

My rest 15 cargo vessels and 86 seamans have already got into a safe water, will continuously return to domestic after the offshore completion unload goods a task.At the request of Chinese government, HTPC KeyboardsThailand, Laos and Burma government all adopt measure to return to country to provide a safety to guarantee for my boats and ships, and went to to connect to protect to provide convenience to harmoniously help to the Mainland public security official's patrol boat.
by newday09 | 2011-10-17 15:49