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LED of high-efficiency

The English flies a Ling to aim at to generally illuminate an application and releases commutation type LED of high-efficiency LED to drive the series new product.The new actuator once combines a hot protection function, support a 350 mAs to number ampere of flexible exportation electric current scope, party cateringhave already helped extension LED service life, illuminate an equipments to provide an utility solution for high-efficiency indoor outside.

The new ILD series product includes LED actuator IC and the integration type power class(power stage) or match external MOSFET, can promote a general lighting equipments(such as:The MR16 modified version halogen lamp, residence and company use to illuminate equipments and street light etc. with the lamp, building)of the actuator efficiency is to 98%.In addition to support high exportation electric current scope, the ILD series product can also compare through the type and PWM(the pulse width adjusts to change) led lighting manufacturersis two kinds of different adjust only a way, for the customer provide height flexibility.In addition to providing to extensively conduct electricity to flow a protection, the ILD actuator once supported temperature protection, protection LED and LED actuator IC to don't need Wu to lead in the meantime and then and effectively prolonged the service life of LED light and LED lamp. MH heat exchanger

The English flies to traverse general lighting an application DC-DC LED actuator head of department Hakan Yilmazer mean:"Series product by releasing new ILD, the English flew a Ling to satisfy the need of covering whole(low, medium, high and extremely high) power LEDs and provided in the meantime a product according to utility design and the best effect.Patch panel manufacturerLED technique just in order to illuminate boundary to bring a revolution change, is matching an English to fly a Ling to promote the vision of energy efficiency by electronics component to the Wu
by newday09 | 2011-10-11 13:29