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LED downstream bottleneck

According to the report, the L E D has encountered a bottleneck in the development of the downstream industry. The first is the technology and equipment bottlenecks, due to the development of domestic enterprises focus mainly on the downstream packaging process, and the most critical heat balance and fluorescent powder lasting and efficient technical patent has been monopolized by foreign companies, domestic L E D lighting products still with the international product has bigger difference. great king mannerThe second is the lack of brand consciousness, without independent brands, to the independent patent has been the most effective protection. In addition, give aid to policy, the existence of local protectionism. Some local government introduced the relevant local lighting business policy, to the local municipal landscape lighting and traffic lighting give priority to local businesses. In addition, the lack of standards and norms, the local standard, in the promotion of the market has been greatly hindered, also affected the overall development of L E D.If I really disappeared

As investors in the LED industry reduced confidence, more and more enterprises begin to search for their own products marketing channels, pay attention to market the brand products, to strengthen their own enterprise product publicity and the quality of the product,Plastics furnitureL E D lighting market order begins to slowly on the right track, the next few years will be a benign development phase.

" L E D lighting to promote faster development,Hot water machinethe state has promulgated relevant policies to support the promotion of new energy industry. Guangdong Province support particularly worthy of affirmation." Optoelectronic materials and Technology Research Institute of South China Normal University Professor Guo Zhiyou told reporters in Nandu. Disclose according to its, in August last year in the office of the provincial science and technology support of the implementation of the L E D lighting product benchmarking index and dynamic L E D lighting product quality assessment system, has promoted L E D lighting product testing standards to formal, but also to provide the market with products performance measuring ruler. Guo of thought, MH heat exchangerL E D is expected in the next five years to achieve energy saving lamp universal level.
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