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change spirit machine

Whole hot recall airs purify new breeze to change spirit machine, whole heat exchangerses to apply scope:Be applicable to the indoor space of luxurious villa, upscale office building, laboratory etc. quality request Gao.The company exchanges machine with the new breeze\whole heat exchangersLED to illuminate terminal

1, the new breeze exchange, send into outdoor fresh air and eject indoor dirty air.

2, adsorb-keep live Tan inside the machine, ability the effective clearance sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, and carbon dioxide...etc. harmful air

3, disinfect-the negative ion disinfect, the density attains 104!106|sign a square, can kill in addition to the virus in the air, germ, and Mao insect...etc. harmful living creature.

4, environmental protection economy energy-adoption efficiently hot exchange device, the air exchanges process in, the indoor of thermal energy and cold can can't line up an outdoors, the hot commutation rate attains 72%.Singapore to sweep building

5, keep degree of humidity-when the air exchanges, the fiber in the heat exchanger reserves indoor water and takes into the indoor through a fresh air and make the indoor kept feat of degree of humidity

Product function:
1, efficiently approach 95% hot recall efficiencies to at least can consume to satisfy the superior indoor air quality.records fallen petal
2, change the request of tolerance according to the dissimilarity, pass to become soon control system combine start side the function make the outdoor comfortable air got into the indoor and economize energy.
3, degree of humidity modulator, can automatically regulate movement according to the change of air, environment degree of humidity.
4, metal roasted to paint outer shell to change traditional plastics outer shell quality, raised beauty and enduring and safety.
5, the electrical engineering economy energy of the whole closingses don't need to fix to make you life long enjoyable, without cares at home.
6, the automatic balance control design of the latest current of air let you the indoor fresh air is constantly and continuously.
7, the design of convenient gearing promised that installing is simple, the form is diverse.
8, Be canned be convenient to take out by long heavy duty filter Xin body, easy to heat exchanger
9, the carbon dioxide monitor choose to pack, can make the air quality promised and exceed to prepare to establish such as the indoor carbon dioxide density standard, that product will regulate movement by oneself and let you keep off paroxysm harassment.

1.For make environment air the convection is smooth, system row the breeze measure=new breeze quantity.
2.Construct a space physical volume size:The breath activity that lives an indoor person takes for the 2.4 m perpendicular height;The business constructs the breath activity of wife to take for the perpendicular height of 4.5 meters, the breath takes to have the whole space physical volume to compare is about 0.26~0.47.
3.Residence, transact to construct its new breeze quantity to be no smaller than a 30 ms 3| hs.Comprehensive number of times and at least new breeze considering to change spirit measure two factors and take both compute the biggest new amount of breeze to be used as to choose a type basis;
4.The stadium building, big conventional center, and cinema...etc. can combine to change spirit number of times and at least new amount of breeze to choose a type according to the seat of honor rate, the person stops over following for 3 hours of, according to 50% seat of honor rates certain new breeze measure;
5.For large market etc. central air condition system space, press the central air condition system to always send to the 30% certain new amount of breeze of amount of breeze to carry on choosing a type.
6.The factory, and car...etc. are poisonous, the harmful thing send forth place and press the amount of breeze certain new amount of breeze that dilution density needs and combine to change spirit number of times to carry on choosing a type.
7.Leading to the outdoor breeze tube should keep a slope in order to prevent the rain water pours to infuse.
8.Have to reserve check to fix space according to the sample size while installing
9.The whole heat exchanger Xin body and filter net should circulate in the total amount for 180 days or shorter and clear once.Cleaning the method is to suck away a Xin body with the vacuum cleaner the surface float a dust and filter medium directly clean with water.plate heat exchanger manufacturer
10.As far as possible avoid there is severely hot source in gearing location, the new breeze contains the situation of strange smell and has a little amount strange smell such as the new breeze or the row breeze, can win election to go together with a live Tan filter in the machine set.
11.When cold region used, changed the spirit machine new place with a draught and breeze tube in response to the heat preservation in whole hot commutation types.12.Suggest to install indoors, such as install outdoors, all outdoor breeze tubes have to heat preservation, and need to establish to hide sun and hide rain facilities.
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